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Bayesian credible intervals for ratios

Project description

open-gov-lic made-with-python


This repository includes the Python code for calculating Bayesian credible interval of ratios of independent beta distributions. It has been used in Methods for calculating credible intervals for ratios of beta distributions with application to relative risks of premature death during the second plague pandemic

Getting Started



Clone the repository then run

python install


To get the relative risk of a contingency table given by

+ _ Total
+ P = 56 M- P M = 366
- C = 126 N - C N = 354
Total C + P N - C + M - P N + M


from bayesint import rel_risk
rel_risk(56, 126, 366, 354)
# 236/549

and to obtain the equal-tailed quantile interval for the data given in the contingency table run

from bayesint import eqt_int_frac
eqt_int_frac(56, 126, 366, 354, (0, 0, 0, 0), "risk", 0.05, "estim")
# (236/549, 0.184135819539239, 0.667343920284484)


Maria Bekker-Nielsen Dunbar and Tom Finnie


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Public Health England 2017

This project is licensed under the Open Government License, see LICENSE for details

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