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An ncurses app for browsing file git history

Project description

bblame is an interactive ncurses git blame viewer. Allowing you to explore the git history of a file.


  • Browse forwards and backwards through file history a commit at a time

  • Select a line and drill into the history past the commit that changed that line most recently

  • Full code syntax highlighting support

  • Display the git show for the commit of any selected line

  • Browse file history across file renames


bblame is a curses application. Usage will be displayed when called with no arguments or -h --help:

usage: [-h] [--revision {revision}] [--debug] [--version]
                                   filename [+{line_num} or +/{search_pattern}]

positional arguments:
  filename              Name or path to file to blame
  +{line_num} or +/{search_pattern}
                                                The line number or search pattern the cursor will be positioned on (this arg will put bblame in visual mode)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --revision {revision}, -r {revision}
                                                The revision to initialize the blame file to
  --debug               Increase logging and show tracebacks
  --version             show program's version number and exit

To show available commands while running bblame use the h key, which will display the key to action bindings, example below:

 q:   Quit
    Quit the application

 /:   Search
    Search downward through the current blame or commit

 n:   Next Search Match
    Jump to the next search match (in the downward direction)

 N:   Prev Search Match
    Jump to the prev search match (in the upward direction)

 v:   Visual Select Mode
    Enter visual select mode (only from normal mode)

 o:   Show/View Commit
    Show a commit selected by the visual mode cursor

 O:   Show/View file Commit
    Show the current revision commit

 ESC:   Normal Mode
    Return to Normal mode

 ENTER, d:   Drill Down
    Drill down past the commit highlighted in visual mode. Opens a new git blame

 <, ,:   Parent blame
    Move to git blame of the parent of current commit
    (i.e. traverse backwards through history, one commit at a time)

 >, .:   Ancestor blame
    Move to git blame of the ancestor of current commit
    (i.e. traverse forwards through history, one commit at a time)

 BACKSPACE, DC, f:   Pop Back
    Pop back to previous git object

 g, HOME:   Jump to Top
    Jump to the top of the screen

 G, END:   Jump to Bottom
    Jump to the bottom of the screen

 h:   Help
    Display the help message

 s:   Toggle Syntax Highlight
    Toggle syntax highlighting on or off. Showing or hiding syntax
    highlighting ONLY IF IT IS ENABLED.

 H:   Jump to HEAD
    Jump to a blame of the most recent commit for the file

 T:   Jump to TAIL
    Jump to a blame of the first commit for the file


sudo -H pip install bblame


python install


Issue tracker can be found here


You’ll find a plugins dir if you clone the git repo (or browse to it on bitbucket) I’m a vim guy, so that means so far there is only a vim plugin ;) Though, I encourage pull requests or links to repos containing plugins for other editors/software!


Pull requests welcome

Git repo can be found here

Dependencies you’ll need to install with your package manager for dev and test:

  • pip/pip3 (bblame supports both 2.7.X and 3+ versions of python)

  • tmux (a dependency of the curses unit test library, hecate)

  • make

The rest of the dependencies can be installed with:

  • make py_env

Useful Dev Notes:

  • run make check to execute static analysis and unittests

  • run python -m betterblame <args> in root of betterblame.git to run an instance of bblame with your changes

  • You can use the test files in tests/testfiles/ for manual testing.

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