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Video reader on top of imageio that compares returned frames to a list of hashes

Project description


Videoreader, currently a pyav v3 wrapper, with the following features:

  • Reading CCV-Files
  • Preemptive cached video access
  • Simoultanous threaded reading of multiple video files
  • Effects applied by a pipelined graph-structure


The syntax is mostly orientated on ffmpeg, generally [<input1>][<input2>]<effect=arg0=<arg0>>[<output>]

  • Effects are sepperated by simikolon
  • Inputs/Outputs of effects are defined in squared brackets
  • arguments can be defined by effect

This is a simple tool if you want to use the videoreader from the commandline. You can define the following options:

  • '-i', '--input' <Can define multiple input-files>
  • '-o', '--output' <Define where to write output>
  • '-g', '--filtergraph' <The filtegraph which is applied>


  • python3 svidreader/ -i ../test/cubes.mp4 --filtergraph "contrast" --output test.csv

List of effects:

  • scale
    Scales input by a given factor
    scale: float, factor of scaling
  • arange
    Aranges multiple inputs into a grid
    ncols: int, number of columns
  • viewer
    Views the last read input backend: string, Backend to be used, values are matplotlib, ffplay, opencv
  • bgr2gray
    Converts each RGB-input-frame to three grayscale-outputs
  • cache
    Adds a cache with saves the last shown frames
  • tblend
    Subtraction of the previous to the current frame
  • perprojection
    Perspective projection from different camera-models

Project details

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bbo-svidreader-0.5.4.tar.gz (20.6 kB view hashes)

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bbo_svidreader-0.5.4-py3-none-any.whl (26.6 kB view hashes)

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