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Mac Finder like view for Plone.

Project description


This package provides an AJAX browser for Plone sites.

It uses the column browsing metaphor of OSX finder.

The intention was to speed up content management issues, and fast content browsing in Plone.


  • Make egg available in your Plone site

  • Apply corresponding GS profile


If you want to browse Dexterity contents, consider to provide a UID by your dexterity types in order to make them work with finder.


After installation you have a link named ‘Finder’ at the top right of your plone site. This link is provided by a viewlet and is positioned absolute. Use CSS of your theme to put it wherever you like.

The finder gets displayed with focus on trigger context by clicking this link.

Development and evaluation

you can checkout and install from source code. Plone 4 buildout configuration is included.

Checkout with write access:

git clone

Anonymous checkout:

git clone git://


Plone Versions

  • Plone 3

  • Plone 4


  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Safari

  • IE6 (looks ugly due to png images, but works)

  • IE7

  • IE8


  • Robert Niederreiter (Author)

  • Sven Plage

  • Jean Michel Francois

  • Ross Patterson

  • Thanks to the Sprinters at Cathedral Sprint 2010 for ideas and feedback



  • Use png version of logo, site and product icons


  • Default roles for triggering finder are now Editor, Contributor, Reviewer, Site Administrator and Manager

  • Work with either Archetypes and or Dexterity installed

  • Fix child check in CatalogProvider in order to consider direct DX content

  • Remove minified version of finder JS


  • bind default details to IDexterityContent instead of IDexterityItem in order to work with dexterity containers


  • Use zope.interface.implementer instead of zope.interface.implements

  • Update import for Plone 4.3 compat

  • Add profile dependencies so that only one profile need be selected

  • Support Diazo/ headers and parameters

  • update to provide github url instead of svn


  • Add specific permission to trigger finder

  • Add p3 and p4 profile dependencies so that only one profile need be selected

  • Support Diazo/ headers and parameters


  • Add p3 and p4 profile for different CSS registration


  • Add image preview

  • Add event preview

  • Show items of all languages if LinguaPlone is installed.

  • Fix bug with css class manipulation and column reloading after workflow state changed.

  • Use zope:class and zope:implements directives to set marker interface for finder root instead of five:implements


  • Fix bug with base URL after delete item, if finder was called from deleted item.

  • Remove autoload behavior.

  • Change workflow state action ajaxified.

  • Fix base_url detection in viewlet.

  • Shorten title in listing to avoid line break.

  • Do not display items without UID.

  • Add separate conditional CSS for Plone 3 + 4.

  • Remove trigger link from object actions and provide it by viewlet instead.

  • Plone 3 Compatibility.


  • Basically bind dexterity compatible views. Dexterity support not finished yet due to missing UID indexing support.

  • Provide CSS for default plone content types icons.

  • Check for INonStructuralFolder in AddItemAction.enabled if context is folderish.

  • Use id in column item if title not set in FolderColumn.


  • Add finder overlay via JS instead of viewlet.

  • Refactor server side column rendering API.


  • Check for ‘Add portal content’ permission in OFSPasteAction.enabled.

  • Check for ‘Delete objects’ permission in OFSCutAction.enabled.

  • Check for ‘Modify portal content’ permission in EditAction.enabled.

  • Only show control panel and addon configuration links in root column if user is manager.

  • Protect browser views from within against anonymous user.

  • Bind finder trigger to View permission.

  • Adopt browser view’s permissions for non managers.

  • Use i18n messages in actions and use context.translate.

  • CSS fix for IE6


  • Refactor finder actions.

  • Add View interfaces.

  • Fix uid property in ATDetails column view.

  • Fix initial finder rendering when called on leaf object located in plone.


  • Enable paste action on plone root content.


  • Add action hook for view action resetting finder bda.plone.finder. cookie

  • Deliver context URL for ajax calls from server.

  • bda.plone.finder cookie can contain url’s now (beside value ‘autoload’) which define the actual context to be used as base url for auto load.

  • Rename perform_action to perform_ajax and add follow_action_link function as non ajax callback for actions.

  • Change autoload logic, remove from server side action definitions and let do JS action callbacks the work.

  • Enable before hooks on non ajax actions.

  • Wrap finder JS code inside (function($) { ... })(jQuery); block and use $ instead of jQuery.

  • Refactor actions performing and corresponding hooks.

  • Add minified finder.js.


  • Remove li.cut dom elems after paste action.

  • Add finder.base_url in JS to fix ajax request context.

  • Do not cache ajax requests.

  • Scroll column to selected item if necessary.

  • Disable navigate right arrow on init.

  • Initially render context column when opening finder on plone root.

  • JS cleanup and documentation.


  • Improve dialog styles.

  • Remove auto fading status message when performing actions. Instead write this information to status bar below columns now.

  • Reset finder._overlay and finder._scrollable on close.

  • IE7 CSS fix for column items.

  • Remove dependencies to bda.plone.ajax.


  • Remove column batching. instead use css overflow.

  • adopt to new jQuery tools scrollable.

  • make me basically work in IE7.

  • JS refactoring.


  • Change look and feel of batching column pages. Its a vertical slider now.

  • Implement auto loading after editing or adding items out of finder.

  • Implement change state dropdown.

  • Implement add dropdown.

  • Implement column filtering.

  • Remove unused imports from source files.

  • Titles for finder controls.


  • Basic code cleanup.

  • Implement column batching.

  • Self-contained buildout for plone 3 and plone 4.


  • Make it work.

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