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Generates beautiful urls similar to Gfycat.

Project description


# BeautifURL

## Installation

BeautifURL can be installed from pip

pip install beautifurl

## Usage

>>> from beautifurl import Beautifurl
>>> beautifurl = Beautifurl()
>>> beautifurl.get_random_url('aaA')
>>> beautifurl.count_permutations('aaA')
>>> for url in beautifurl.get_permutations('aaA', shuffle=True):
...     print(url)

GloriousDeterminedPeafowl NiceSuccessfulJackal DepressedStupidPartridge StormyStrangeGiraffe AngryPleasantMonkey …

### Url format

The examples above have a format string as their first argument. This dictates which types of words the url should be made up of. The examples all use adjective adjective Animal. Any number or combination of keys may be used. A full list of keys is available below.

### Custom dictionaries

The Beautifurl object __init__ function takes an optional parameter dictionaryPath. This allows the default dictionaries to be swapped for user specified dictionaries.

>>> beautifurl = Beautifurl(dictionaryPath='~/dictionaries')

The dictionaries in this folder must be named KEY_… where KEY is a single character. All keys should be unique. Any characters after the underscore are ignored. See dictionaries folder for examples.

## Dictionaries

Key | Description | Size |
— | ———– | —- |
a | Adjectives | 223 |
A | Animals | 211 |

## Contributing

### Wordlists

Additional words and lists may be submitted in pull requests. Please run the new lists through the organise script located in the dictionaries folder.

Please ensure you have permission to use any lists before submitting a pull request. If a license is required please name the license file license.LIST_NAME.

./organise LIST_NAME [MAX_SIZE] > tmp mv tmp LIST_NAME

### Code

Pull requests are more than welcome.

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