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A plugin for beets that copies additional files and directories during the import process.

Project description

beets-extrafiles Build Status

A plugin for beets that copies additional files and directories during the import process.


Important: Even though beets supports Python 2 and Windows, this plugin does not - it only supports Python 3 on a Unix-like OS. See the F.A.Q. section for details.

This plugin has no dependencies apart from setuptools and beets itself.

The plugin in release on PyPI and can be installed via:

$ pip3 install --user beets-extrafiles

It is also possible to clone the git repository and install the plugin manually:

$ git clone
$ cd beets-extrafiles
$ ./ install --user


Activate the plugin by adding it to the plugins list in beet's config.yaml:

  # [...]
  - extrafiles

Also, you need to add glob patterns that will be matched. Patterns match files relative to the root directory of the album, which is the common directory of all the albums files. This means that if an album has files in albumdir/CD1 and albumdir/CD2, then all patterns will match relative to albumdir.

The snippet below will add a pattern group named all that matches all files that have an extension.

        all: '*.*'

Pattern names are useful when you want to customize the destination path that the files will be copied or moved to. The following configuration will match all folders named scans, Scans, artwork or Artwork (using the pattern group artworkdir), copy them to the album path and rename them to artwork:

          - '[sS]cans/'
          - '[aA]rtwork/'
        artworkdir: $albumpath/artwork


After cloning the git repository, you can use to set up the necessary symlinks for you:

$ git clone
$ cd beets-extrafiles
$ ./ develop --user

When adding changes, please conform to PEP 8. Also, please add docstrings to all modules, functions and methods that you create. Use can check this by running flake8 with the flake8-docstrings plugin.

Using pre-commit will perform these checks automatically when committing changes. You can install the pre-commit hooks by executing this in the git repository's root directory:

$ pre-commit install

You should also test every single commit by running unittests, i.e.:

$ ./ test

If a test fails, please fix it before you create a pull request. If you accidently commit something that still contains errors, please amend, squash or fixup that commit instead of adding a new one.


Why not use the copyartifacts plugin?

The copyartifacts plugin by Samit Barakat serves the same purpose.

However, it curently seems to be unmaintained: The last commit has been made over a year ago and also suffers from a bug that makes it crash on every run. I wrote a patch and filed a Pull Request some time ago, but I has not been merged yet.

Also, wanted to go in a different direction by supporting folders and the ability to do finer-grained path customizations. Hence, I wrote beets-extrafiles.

Why does this plugin not support Python 2 and Windows?

I initally wrote this plugin, because I needed it. Since I use neither Python 2 nor Windows, I didn't implement support.

If you really need support, feel free to write a patch and file a Pull Request. As long as it does not make the code considerably harder to read, I'll merge it.

For Windows support, some kind of Continuous Integration (CI) solution would also be necessary to prevent future breakage.

What license is used for this project?

This project is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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