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Behave library to integrate with Testrail API

Project description

Behave to TestRail Reporter

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This integration is used to add test results to TestRail automatically when Behave tests are executed.

Example of the generated report:

3 testrail test cases passed, 0 failed, 19 skipped, 2 untested
Took 0m6.349s


Can install it using pipenv

$ pipenv install behave-testrail-reporter

or using pip

$ pip install behave-testrail-reporter


Add TestrailReporter to behave reporters in your /features/ by adding this code in before_all()

from behave_testrail_reporter import TestrailReporter

def before_all(context):
    # ... all your other awesome code in here
    current_branch = os.environ.get('CIRCLE_BRANCH') # Change this to get the current build branch of your CI system
    testrail_reporter = TestrailReporter(current_branch)

Create a testrail.yml config file in the root of your project

Example structure:

    name: 'Test run {branch}'
    id: 123
    suite_id: 456
    allowed_branch_pattern: '^(master|release\/\d+([\.\d]+)?)$'
yaml key Description
name Project name
id Testrail project id
suite_id Testrail Suite id
allowed_branch_pattern Regular expression to restrict when a test run is executed

name - You can use some project variables to create dynamic test run names

Variable Example Result
{project_id} 'Test run {project_id}' Test run 123
{suite_id} 'Test run {suite_id}' Test run 456
{branch} 'Test run {branch}' Test run master

Environment variables required

Variable name Description
TESTRAIL_KEY TestRail user password
TESTRAIL_USER TestRail user email address

How to use

To get test cases marked as success or fail on TestRail we have to add tags with TestRail test case ID on each scenario.

Test case tag structure:

prefix + test case id

@testrail- + C1104

See example below:

Feature: Log in and out

        Given I am logged out from Hub
        And I navigate to the home page

    Scenario: Admin can login
        When I enter the username admin
        And I enter the password admin
        And I click the Login button
        Then I see the admin's landing page

Note: some scenarios can cover multiple TestRail cases, for that you just need to add multiple tags.

How to run tests


How to distribute

If you need to publish a new version of this package you can use this command:

python sdist bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/*


Licensed under MIT license. View license.

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