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Random forest for exoplanets

Project description

BEM : beyond the exoplanet mass-radius relation with random forest

Predicting the radius of exoplanets based on its planetary and stellar parameters

Build Status license: MIT PyPI version arXiv

Branca Edmée Marques

A portuguese scientist who worked on nuclear physics in France with Marie Curie

To install bem

pip install bem


git clone
cd bem
python install

A simple decision tree

to predict exoplanet radius

How to run bem:

1. Load dataset and model

# Load exoplanet and solar system planets dataset
dataset = bem.load_dataset()
# Plot the dataset radius as a function of mass and equilibrium temperature
# Build the random forest model and predict radius of the dataset
regr, y_test_predict, _, train_test_sets = bem.random_forest_regression(dataset)

2. Predict the radius of your planet

my_planet = [planetary_mass, semi major axis, eccentricity, stellar radius, stellar effective temperature, stellar mass]

or with error bars

my_planet = [planetary_mass, error, semi major axis, error eccentricity, error, stellar radius, error, stellar effective temperature, error, stellar mass, error]

# Predict a new radius
radius, my_pred_planet = bem.predict_radius(my_planet=np.array([[1.63,
                        		    my_name=np.array(['GJ 357 b']),
# If error_bar is True
# print('Radius: ', radius[0][0], '+-', radius[1])

3. Compute error bars for the radius predictions

# Load exoplanet and solar system planets dataset with uncertainties
dataset_errors = bem.load_dataset_errors()
# Compute the error bars for the test set planets
radii_test_output_error, _ = bem.computing_errorbars(regr,
# Plot the test set, true radius versus RF predicted radius

4. Radial velocity dataset

# Load the radial velocity dataset
dataset_rv = bem.load_dataset_RV()
# Predict the radius of the RV dataset
radii_RV_RF = regr.predict(dataset_rv)
# Plot the predictions of the RV dataset
bem.plot_dataset(dataset_rv, predicted_radii=radii_RV_RF, rv=True)

5. Diagnostic plots

# Plot the learning curve
bem.plot_learning_curve(regr, dataset)
# Plot the validation curves
bem.plot_validation_curves(regr, dataset, name='features')
bem.plot_validation_curves(regr, dataset, name='tree')
bem.plot_validation_curves(regr, dataset, name='depth')

6. LIME explanations

see their github

# Explain the RF predictions
# of the exoplanets from the test set
bem.plot_LIME_predictions(regr, dataset, train_test_sets)
# LIME explanation for your planet
# in this case GJ 357 b
bem.plot_LIME_predictions(regr, dataset, train_test_sets,

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