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Git-aware utility for automated program analysis

Project description

[alpha] A Git-aware CLI for running semgrep patterns in the developer and CI workflow.

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Requires Python 3.6+ and Docker 19.03+. It runs on macOS and Linux.

In a Git project directory:

$ pip3 install bento-headless



$ pip3 install --upgrade bento-headless

Command line options

$ bentoh --help
Usage: bentoh [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.
  --version   Show the version and exit.

  archive  Suppress current findings.
  check    Checks for new findings.

  To get help for a specific command, run `bentoh COMMAND --help`

Run custom semgrep checks on staged diffs

See semgrep Configuration for how to write custom rule files

vi .bento/semgrep.yml
bentoh check

Format output as JSON

bentoh check -f json

Run on file system current state

bentoh check --all

Run on staged diffs in a directory

bentoh check src

Ignore current findings

bentoh archive

Run public semgrep checks on staged diffs

BENTO_REGISTRY=r/r2c.python bentoh check

Run checks from extensions

bentoh check -t gosec -t r2c.registry.latest

Exit codes

bentoh check may exit with the following exit codes:

  • 0: Bento ran successfully and found no errors
  • 2: Bento ran successfully and found issues in your code
  • 3: Bento or one of its underlying tools failed to run


bentoh ships with the following extensions:

Extension Description
bandit Finds common security issues in Python code
dlint A tool for encouraging best coding practices and helping ensure Python code is secure
eslint Identifies and reports on patterns in JavaScript and TypeScript
flake8 Finds common bugs in Python code
gosec Finds security bugs in Go code
hadolint Finds bugs in Docker files (requires Docker)
r2c.boto3 Checks for the AWS boto3 library in Python
r2c.flask Checks for the Python Flask framework
r2c.jinja Finds common security issues in Jinja templates
r2c.registry.latest Runs checks from r2c's check registry (experimental; requires Docker)
r2c.requests Checks for the Python Requests framework
shellcheck Finds bugs in shell scripts (requires Docker)

Help and community

Need help or want to share feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

We’re constantly shipping new features and improvements.

License and legal

Please refer to the terms and privacy document.

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Copyright (c) r2c.

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