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A set of common utilities and helpers for Bento platform services.

Project description

Bento Library (for Python Bento microservices)

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Common utilities and helpers for Bento platform services.

Running Tests

python3 -m tox


1. Release Checklist

  • All tests pass and test coverage has not been reduced

  • Package version has been updated (following semver) in bento_lib/package.cfg

  • The latest changes have been merged from the develop branch into the master branch

  • A release has been created, tagged in the format of v#.#.# and named in the format of Version #.#.#, listing any changes made, in the GitHub releases page tagged from the master branch!

1A. Note on Versioning

The bento_lib project uses semantic versioning for releasing. If the API is broken in any way, including minor differences in the way a function behaves given an identical set of parameters (excluding bugfixes for unintentional behaviour), the MAJOR version must be incremented. In this way, we guarantee that projects relying on this API do not accidentally break upon upgrading.

2. Releasing from the Command Line

# IF NECESSARY: Install twine OUTSIDE of the virtual environment
python3 -m pip install twine

# Switch to the correct branch and make sure it's up to date
git checkout master
git pull

# If needed, enter the project virtual environment
source env/bin/activate

# Remove existing build files
rm -rf build/ dist/ bento_lib.egg-info/

# Build the new package
python3 sdist bdist_wheel

# In between these steps - test out the package... make sure everything works
# before uploading it to production PyPI.

# Upload it to PyPI
twine upload dist/*



auth provides Python service decorators and Django / DRF backends for dealing with the Bento container authentication headers (derived from lua-resty-openidc, set by the internal container NGINX instance.)


drs provides utilities for fetching data and record metadata from GA4GH-compatible DRS services, and Bento's own implementation (which has some non-standard extensions.)


events facilitates JSON-serialized message-passing between Bento microservices. Serialized objects can be at most 512 MB.

Events should have a lower-case type which is type-insensitively unique and adequately describes the associated data.

All Bento channels are prefixed with bento..


schemas contains common JSON schemas which may be useful to a variety of different Bento services.

schemas.bento contains Bento-specific schemas, and schemas.ga4gh contains GA4GH-standardized schemas (possibly not exactly to spec.)


search contains definitions, validators, and transformations for the query syntax for Bento, as well as a transpiler to the psycopg2 PostgreSQL IR.

The query syntax for Bento takes advantage of JSON schemas augmented with additional properties about the field's accessibility and, in the case of Postgres, how the field maps to a table column (or JSON column sub-field.)

search.data_structure contains code for evaluating a Bento query against a Python data structure.

search.operations contains constants representing valid search operations one can allow against particular fields from within an augmented JSON schema.

search.postgres contains a "transpiler" from the Bento query syntax to the psycopg2-provided intermediate representation (IR) for PostgreSQL, allowing safe queries against a Postgres database.

search.queries provides definitions for the Bento query AST and some helper methods for creating and processing ASTs.


utils contains miscellaneous utilities commonly required by Bento services.


workflows contains common code used for handling workflow metadata processing and response generation, as well as code associated with Bento's ingestion routines across the different data services.

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