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Path manipulation library

Project description

betterpath, or “bp”, is an adaptation of the classic Twisted FilePath type and interface. bp provides a simple, robust, well-tested object abstraction over file paths, generalizing the concept of file paths beyond filesystems.

File Paths

bp exposes an interface, bp.abstract.IFilePath, for file paths, and provides the following concrete implementations:

  • bp.filepath.FilePath, for the root filesystem

  • bp.zippath.ZipPath, for ZIP archives

  • bp.memory.MemoryPath, for in-memory temporary filesystems

In addition, there are combining abstract file paths which can be wrapped around other file paths:

  • bp.readonly.ReadOnlyPath, for read-only filesystems

API documentation is available at

Vs. the Competition


The venerable champ, os.path has been the cause of (and solution to) most of Python’s path problems over the years.


  • In the standard library


  • Unsafe

  • Verbose

  • Operates on strs

  • No interfaces or ABCs for functionality

  • Only covers the root filesystem


pathlib hopes to carve a path towards greatness through PEP 428.


  • Convenient __div__() overloading


  • No interfaces or ABCs for functionality

  • Only covers the root filesystem


Saving Data to Disk

The Old Way

def save(base, fragments, data):
    # `fragments` could contain unsafe paths!
    if ".." in fragments or "." in fragments:
        raise ValueError("Unsafe paths!")
    path = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(base), os.sep.join(fragments))
    # Alternatively: path = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(base), *fragments)
    # I hope that this doesn't fail mid-write! Also, did the directories
    # exist? I think so, yes.
    with open(path, "wb") as handle:

The New Way

def save(base, fragments, data):
    path = base.descendant(fragments)



  • Initial release

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