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Bouffalolab Iot Tool

Project description

Bouffalolab Iot Command Tool


The functions of bflb_iot_tool is the same as DevCube(IOT View) which is a GUI tool for image programing. bflb_iot_tool is designed for the convenience of integrating into the compilation system after image buid, and making it more easy for users who are accustomed to using command line operations.

basic download config:

  • --chipname:mandatory, name of chip(bl602/bl702/bl616...)
  • --interface:1.uart, 2.jlink, 3.cklink, 4.openocd, default is uart
  • --port:serial port or jlink serial number
  • --baudrate:baudrate of serial port, default is 115200
  • --xtal:xtal on the board, for bl602,1:24M,2:32M,3:38.4M,4:40M(default value when not specified),5:26M; for bl702,1:32M(default value when not specified); for bl616,just use value 7(auto adjust)
  • --config:eflash loader configuration file, default is chips/blXXXX/eflash_loader/eflash_loader_cfg.ini
  • --ota:dir of ota file, default is chips/blXXXX/ota

files for download:

1.scattered files:

  • --firmware:mandatory, select the firmware binary file which your sdk build out
  • --dts:optional, select the device tree file you used
  • --pt:mandatory, partition table of flash, default is located in chips/chipname/partition
  • --boot2:mandatory,boot2 binary file as bootloader, default is located in chips/chipname/builtin_imgs/boot2_isp_xxxxx
  • --mfg:optional, mfg binary file, only use when do RF test
  • --romfs:optional, romfs dir to create romfs.bin whole image file:

  • --addr:address to program, default is 0
  • --single:the single file to be programmed, the tool will add nothing for this file

other options:

  • --build:build image only,not program into flash
  • --key:aes encrypt key
  • --iv:aes encrypt iv
  • --pk:ecc sign public key
  • --sk: ecc sign private key


  • bflb_iot_tool.exe --chipname=bl602 --port=COM28 --baudrate=2000000 --firmware="helloworld_bl602.bin" --pt="chips/bl602/partition/partition_cfg_2M.toml" --dts="chips/bl602/device_tree/bl_factory_params_IoTKitA_40M.dts"
  • bflb_iot_tool.exe --chipname=bl602 --port=COM28 --baudrate=2000000 --firmware="helloworld_bl602.bin" --pt="chips/bl602/partition/partition_cfg_2M.toml" --dts="chips/bl602/device_tree/bl_factory_params_IoTKitA_40M.dts" --build
  • bflb_iot_tool.exe --chipname=bl602 --port=COM28 --baudrate=2000000 --addr=0x0 --firmware="helloworld_bl602.bin" --single

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bflb-iot-tool-1.8.4.tar.gz (35.7 MB view hashes)

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