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A python module and script to execute functions inside a custom pool that distribute workers between threads and processes

Project description


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bftool is a python module and script, with a custom worker pool for the distribution of function execution into processes and threads based on a initial input, so you only need to focus on the functionality and not in the distribution of its execution.


Time consuming functions

In the context of bftool the weight of a function is based on the time spent from when it was called to its finish.

Based on that we can conclude that this operations are most of the time heavy, since usually require more time to finish:

  • File I/O.
  • Networking I/O.
  • N Cycles (FOR, WHILE, ...).
  • Force waits (like sleep).

And this operations are usually light

  • Math.
  • Variable assign to a known value.
  • Some hash calculations.

Quick example

As a module

bftool auto detects if the function requires or not parallelism and based on that spawn the workers.

import hashlib
import string

import bftool

secret = "zz"
target = hashlib.sha3_512(secret.encode()).hexdigest()

def calc_hashes(salt: str, raw_password: str) -> tuple[str, str, str, str]:
    salt_password = (salt + raw_password).encode()
    return salt, raw_password, hashlib.blake2b(salt_password).hexdigest(), hashlib.sha3_512(

def cracked(hashes: tuple[str, str, str, str]) -> bool:
    return target in hashes[2:]

def success(result: tuple[str, str, str, str]):
    print(f"[+] \"{result}\n", end="")

def main():
    arguments = bftool.Arguments(
            "raw_password": {
                "minlength": 1,
                "maxlength": 1,
                "elements": string.ascii_letters,
                "string-join": True
            "salt": {
                "minlength": 1,
                "maxlength": 1,
                "elements": string.ascii_letters,
                "string-join": True
    pool = bftool.Pool(
    print("Fuzzing time:",

if __name__ == "__main__":

As a script

python -m bftool --help
usage: bftool [-h] [-mt MAX_THREADS] [-mp MAX_PROCESSES] [-w WORDLIST] [-b BRUTEFORCE] [-sf SUCCESS_FUNCTION] [-cf CHECK_FUNCTION] [-sp SCRIPT_PATH] expression

positional arguments:
  expression            expression that will result in a callable

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -mt MAX_THREADS, --max-threads MAX_THREADS
                        Maximum number of threads per process
  -mp MAX_PROCESSES, --max-processes MAX_PROCESSES
                        Maximum number of process to have active at the same time
  -w WORDLIST, --wordlist WORDLIST
                        File wordlist to use based on "{'argument_1': FILE_PATH, ...}"
  -b BRUTEFORCE, --bruteforce BRUTEFORCE
                        Generate a virtual wordlist based on rules "{'argument_1': {'elements': [element_1, ...], 'minlength': INT, 'maxlength': INT, 'string-join': BOOL}, ...}"
                        Function to pass the success result to (default is custom 'print')
  -cf CHECK_FUNCTION, --check-function CHECK_FUNCTION
                        Function useful to check the output (default is 'lambda output: output')
  -sp SCRIPT_PATH, --script_path SCRIPT_PATH
                        Python script to import


Using pip

pip install bftool-pkg-sulcud


git clone
cd bftool
python install

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