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Bibliographic renderers

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Change history

1.0.2 (2010-07-22)

  • fixed unnecessary conversion of utf-8 inside the XML renderer causing improper output for non-ascii content

1.0.1 (2010-07-22)

  • export all identifiers independent of the content-type specific ‘source_fields’ configuration (which might be incomplete)

1.0.0 (2010-03-19)

  • final release

1.0.0c3 (2010-03-09)

  • fixed unicode issues in PDF renderer

1.0.0c2 (2010-03-09)

  • falling back to os.system() on Linux since we encountered several times the problem that subprocess.Popen() would just hang for some import files and a pipeline like “end2xml | xml2bib”

1.0.0c1 (2010-03-03)

  • release candidate

1.0.0b3 (2010-02-08)

  • added support to export single bibliographic items

1.0.0b2 (2010-01-29)

  • minor fixes

  • workaround for stupid incompatiblity with Product.BibfolderFlexibleView

1.0.0b1 (2010-01-28)

  • new numbering schema

  • switching to utf-8 output-encoding

0.4.2 (2009-12-12)

  • added support for publication_month in BibTeX export

0.4.1 (2009-12-0)

  • fixed some tests related to the new unicode -> TeX mapping table of bibliograph.core

0.4.0 (2009-12-04)

  • identifier import/export support for BibTeX

  • various fixes and cleanup

  • Bibutils 4.6 is now a minimum requirement

0.3.1 (2009-09-24)

  • Added a named adapter for IBibliographicReference

0.3 (2009-08-26)

  • Support additional fields in the bibtex renderer (but special characters should be avoided in keys as they are escaped) [raphael]

  • Fixed author, editor inconsistency in bibtex-renderer [tom_gross]

  • Fixed name of PDF render-view [tom_gross]

  • PDF render utility now can be passed a list of objects or a container providing IBibliographyExport [tom_gross]

  • allow a custom latex-template to be specified when calling processSource of PDF render view [tom_gross]

  • changed os.system calls of latex to subprocess ones [tom_gross]

  • call pdflatex in nonstopmode [tom_gross]

0.2.1 (2008-12-10)

  • Made bibtex-render view pluggable [tom_gross]

0.2.0 (2008-09-15)

  • Moved _getCommand/_hasCommand functions relating to bibutils from bibliograph.rendering to bibliograph.core [tim2p].

  • Adjust code relating to IBibContainerIterator so that it uses the new IBibliography interface from bibliograph.core, instead [tim2p].

  • Renamed several interfaces so that they are more naturally understood and consistent, i.e. IBibliographyRenderer -> IReferenceRenderer, IBibliographyExporter -> IBibliographyRenderer [tim2p].

  • Added an optional omit_fields (and omit_fields_mapping for the utilities) to renderers so that certain fields will not be rendered [tim2p].

  • Adjusted some of the doctests so that they are in the doc strings of implementations rather than separate files so as to keep things a little closer together [tim2p].

  • Adjusted some test code so that it is Windows-aware, i.e. stripping out ‘r’ from strings before comparing to expected values [tim2p].

0.1.0 (2008-05-02)

  • Created recipe with ZopeSkel [tom_gross].

  • Ported renderer from Products.CMFBibliographyAT

Detailed Documentation

bibliograph.rendering Package Readme


Render bibliographic information from plone content.


Only the bibtex bibliography is rendered from the scratch. pdf is rendered with pdflatex[2]_. All other formats (EndNote, XML, RIS, …) are transformed using external tools from bibutils[1]_. At the time of writing I used version 3.38 of the tools. See the following table for a list of dependencies:




none (builtin)


latex, bibtex, pdflatex





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