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Package for bipartite configuration model

Project description

BiCM package

This is a Python package for the computation of the maximum entropy bipartite configuration model (BiCM) and the projection of bipartite networks on one layer. It was developed with Python 3.5.

You can install this package via pip:

pip install bicm

Documentation is available at .

This package is also a module of NEMtropy that you can find at .

For more solvers of maximum entropy configuration models visit .

NOTE of the developer: there was an error in the projection threshold, validating less links than it should have. Please re-run your analysis after updating to the last version (>=3.1)

Basic functionalities

To install:

pip install bicm

To import the module:

import bicm

To generate a Graph object and initialize it (with a biadjacency matrix, edgelist or degree sequences):

from bicm import BipartiteGraph
myGraph = BipartiteGraph()
myGraph.set_degree_sequences((first_degree_sequence, second_degree_sequence))

Or alternatively, with the respective data structure as input:

from bicm import BipartiteGraph
myGraph = BipartiteGraph(biadjacency=my_biadjacency_matrix, adjacency_list=my_adjacency_list, edgelist=my_edgelist, degree_sequences=((first_degree_sequence, second_degree_sequence)))

To compute the BiCM probability matrix of the graph or the relative fitnesses coefficients as dictionaries containing the nodes names as keys:

my_probability_matrix = myGraph.get_bicm_matrix()
my_x, my_y = myGraph.get_bicm_fitnesses()

This will solve the bicm using recommended settings for the solver. To customize the solver you can alternatively use (in advance) the following method:

myGraph.solve_tool(light_mode=False, method='newton', initial_guess=None, tolerance=1e-8, max_steps=None, verbose=False, linsearch=True, regularise=False, print_error=True, exp=False)

To get the rows or columns projection of the graph:


Alternatively, to customize the projection:

myGraph.compute_projection(rows=True, alpha=0.05, method='poisson', threads_num=4, progress_bar=True)

Now version 3 is online, and you can use the package with weighted networks as well using the BiWCM models!

See a more detailed walkthrough in tests/bicm_test or tests/biwcm_test notebooks, or check out the API in the documentation.

How to cite

If you use the bicm module, please cite its location on Github and the original articles [Vallarano2021], [Saracco2015] and [Saracco2017].

If you use the weighted models BiWCM_c or BiMCM you might consider citing also the paper introducing the solvers of this package [Bruno2023].


[Vallarano2021] N. Vallarano, M. Bruno, E. Marchese, G. Trapani, F. Saracco, T. Squartini, G. Cimini, M. Zanon, Fast and scalable likelihood maximization for Exponential Random Graph Models with local constraints, Nature Scientific Reports

[Bruno2023] M. Bruno, D. Mazzilli, A. Patelli, T. Squartini, F. Saracco, Inferring comparative advantage via entropy maximization. Journal of Physics: Complexity, Volume 4, Number 4 (2023)

[Saracco2015] F. Saracco, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, T. Squartini, Randomizing bipartite networks: the case of the World Trade Web, Scientific Reports 5, 10595 (2015).

[Saracco2017] F. Saracco, M. J. Straka, R. Di Clemente, A. Gabrielli, G. Caldarelli, and T. Squartini, Inferring monopartite projections of bipartite networks: an entropy-based approach, New J. Phys. 19, 053022 (2017)


Matteo Bruno (BiCM) (a.k.a. mat701)

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