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Library to parse and validate Vietnamese vehicle plate

Project description

Library to validate and parse Vietnamese vehicle plate.

This library is not a computer-vision-based license plate recognition software. It instead is used for validating output of such computer vision software. Imagine that you use camera to track all cars coming in and out off your parking lot, but you don’t want to save false result (due to wrong angle of camera, for example), you can use this library to check and remove them.


pip3 install biensoxe


Call VietnamVehiclePlate.from_string, passing the number string, to create VietnamVehiclePlate object.

>>> from biensoxe import VietnamVehiclePlate

>>> VietnamVehiclePlate.from_string('44A-112.23')
VietnamVehiclePlate(compact='44A11223', vehicle_type=<VehicleType.DOMESTIC_AUTOMOBILE: 1>,
series='A', order='11223', locality='44', dip_country=None)

>>> VietnamVehiclePlate.from_string('41-291-NG-01')
VietnamVehiclePlate(vehicle_type=<VehicleType.DIPLOMATIC: 9>, series='NG', order='01', locality='41', dip_country='291')

The method raises ValueError if the string could not be parsed.

To format the plate number as in daily life, pass VietnamVehiclePlate to str:

>>> plate = VietnamVehiclePlate.from_string('72E101130')

>>> plate
VietnamVehiclePlate(compact='72E101130', vehicle_type=<VehicleType.DOMESTIC_MOTORCYCLE_50_TO_175CC: 3>, series='E1', order='01130', locality='72', dip_country=None)

>>> str(plate)
'72-E1 011.30'


This library provides a field type, VietnamVehiclePlateField, for Django model. The field will return value as VietnamVehiclePlate object. Here is example:

from biensoxe.django import VietnamVehiclePlateField

def default_plate_number():
    return VietnamVehiclePlate.from_string('10A 00001')

class Vehicle(models.Model):
    plate_number = VietnamVehiclePlateField(max_length=20, default=default_plate_number, unique=True)

def __str__(self):
    return str(self.plate_number) or

Note that this field stores value internally as PostgeSQL CIText data type, so you can only use this field with PostgreSQL. You also need to activate CITextExtension yourself.


Brought to you by Nguyễn Hồng Quân.

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