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BigQuery Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL

Project description

# bigquery_fdw: BigQuery Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL

bigquery_fdw is a BigQuery foreign data wrapper for PostgreSQL using [Multicorn](

It allows to write queries in PostgreSQL SQL syntax using a foreign table. It supports most of BigQuery's [data types](docs/ and [operators](docs/

## Features and limitations

- Table partitioning is supported. [You can use partitions in your SQL queries](docs/
- Queries are parameterized when sent to BigQuery
- BigQuery's standard SQL support (legacy SQL is not supported)
- Authentication works with a "[Service Account](docs/" Json private key

[Read more](docs/

## Requirements

- PostgreSQL >= 9.5
- Python 3

## Dependencies

### Dependencies required to install bigquery_fdw:

- `postgresql-server-dev-X.Y`
- `python3-pip`
- `python3-dev`
- `make`
- `gcc`

### Major dependencies installed automatically during the installation process:

- [Google Cloud BigQuery](
- [Multicorn](

## Installation

# Install `setuptools` if necessary
pip3 install --upgrade setuptools

# Install Multicorn
git clone git:// && cd Multicorn
export PYTHON_OVERRIDE=python3
make && make install

# Install bigquery_fdw
pip3 install bigquery-fdw

## Usage

We recommend testing the [BigQuery client connectivity](docs/ before trying to use the FDW.

With `psql`:


wrapper 'bigquery_fdw.fdw.ConstantForeignDataWrapper'

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE my_bigquery_table (
column1 text,
column2 bigint
) SERVER bigquery_srv
fdw_dataset 'my_dataset',
fdw_table 'my_table',
fdw_key '/opt/bigquery_fdw/user.json'

## Options

List of options implemented in `CREATE FOREIGN TABLE` syntax:

| Option | Default | Description |
| `fdw_dataset` | - | BigQuery dataset name |
| `fdw_table` | - | BigQuery table name |
| `fdw_key` | - | Path to private Json key (See [Key storage recommendations](docs/ |
| `fdw_convert_tz` | - | Convert BigQuery time zone for dates and timestamps to selected time zone. Example: `'US/Eastern'`. |
| `fdw_group` | `'false'` | See [Remote grouping and counting](docs/ |
| `fdw_casting` | - | See [Casting](docs/ |
| `fdw_verbose` | `'false'` | Set to `'true'` to output debug information in PostrgeSQL's logs |
| `fdw_sql_dialect` | `'standard'` | BigQuery SQL dialect. Currently only `standard` is supported. |

## More documentation

See [bigquery_fdw documentation](docs/

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