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BigQuery Views Manager

Project description

BigQuery Views Manager

PyPi version License: MIT

Utility project to maintain BigQuery views. The main interface is the CLI.

Main features:

  • Synchronize BigQuery Views between GCP and local file system
  • Materialize Views (by running a view and saving it to a table):



pip install bigquery-views-manager


Views SQL files

SQL code of the view queries is assumed to be in files with the .sql files. By default they will be in the views directory.

The files can contain placeholders (surrounded by curly brackets, e.g. {placeholder}) for the following variables:

name description
project The GCP project
dataset The BigQuery dataset

Using the placeholders allows you to deploy the views to for example test, staging and production separately.


FROM `{project}.{dataset}.view1`

View List Config views.yml

The views.yml file contains the list of views that should be processed. It is important that the list of views are in the correct insert order. i.e. if v_view2 depends on v_view1 then v_view1 should appear first.

The format is a yaml file. In the simplest case it will be the list of the views, e.g.:

- v_view1
- v_view2

Additional parameters can be added, e.g. to materialize v_view1:

- v_view1:
    materialize: true
- v_view2

Or to materialize v_view1 to another table name:

- v_view1:
    materialize: true
    materialize_as: output_table1
- v_view2

The dataset could also be specified:

- v_view1:
    materialize: true
    materialize_as: output_dataset1.output_table1
- v_view2

When working with multiple datasets, this can also be conditional:

- v_view1:
    materialize: true
    - if:
        dataset: source_dataset1
      materialize_as: "output_dataset1.output_table1"
- v_view2

The condition will depend on the passed in --dataset.

Config Tables

Config tables are tables loaded from CSV. They are meant to assist views with configuration data, rather than loading large data. Config tables are generally used by views to avoid having to hard-code certain values in the views.

It is assumed that the filename is target table name with the .csv file extension. By default in the ./config-tables/tables directory. A BigQuery table schema can be specified via a file with the _schema.json in the ./config-tables/schema directory.

Another directory can be specified via the --config-tables-base-dir CLI argument.

Example Data

See example-data.

BigQuery Views Manager CLI

To get the command help:

python -m bigquery_views_manager --help


python -m bigquery_views_manager <sub-command> --help

Create or Replace Views

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    create-or-replace-views \
    --dataset=my_dataset \
    [--view-list-config=/path/to/views.yml] \
    [<view name> [<other view name> ...]]

Adding the --materialize flag will additionally materialize the views (where it has been enabled). In that case views will be materialized immediately after updating a view.

Materialize Views

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    materialize-views \
    --dataset=my_dataset \
    [--view-list-config=/path/to/views.yml] \
    [<view name> [<other view name> ...]]

Diff Views

Show differences between local views and views within BigQuery.

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    diff-views \
    --dataset=my_dataset \
    [--view-list-config=/path/to/views.yml] \
    [<view name> [<other view name> ...]]

Get Views

Copy views from BigQuery to the local file system.

To get all of the files listed in views/views.yml:

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    get-views \
    --dataset=my_dataset \

To get a particular view or views:

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    get-views \
    --dataset=my_dataset \
    [--view-list-config=/path/to/views.yml] \
    <view name> [<other view name> ...]

When views are retrieved, the project name and dataset are replaced with placeholders.

Update Config Tables

Copy config tables (CSV) to BigQuery. The config tables are by default stored in ./config-tables.

python -m bigquery_views_manager \
    create-or-replace-config-tables \
    --dataset=my_dataset \
    [--config-tables-base-dir=/path/to/config-tables] \
    [<table name> ...]

Adding a View

Add the view to the views directory with the view name and .sql file extension.

The view name also needs to be added to views/views.yml in the correct order (i.e. if a view depends on another view, the other view should appear first).

Cleanup Sub Commands

The CLI also supports additional sub commands to delete views etc. Those are in particular use-ful in a CI environment.

The following commands are supported:

  • delete-config-tables
  • delete-views
  • delete-materialized-tables

Docker Image

There is also a Docker Image that can be used directly:

docker pull elifesciences/bigquery-views-manager:latest
docker run --rm \
    --volume ~/.config/gcloud:/root/.config/gcloud \
    --volume $$PWD/views:/data/views \
    --env GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT=my-gcp-project \
    elifesciences/bigquery-views-manager:latest \
    diff-views \
    --dataset my_dataset

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