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A lightweight model validator for modern projects.

Project description


A lightweight model validator for modern projects.


pip install bike

First Pedals

Lets define a simple model to represent a person.

import bike

class Person:
    name: str
    height: float
    weight: float

p1 = Person(
    name='Patrick Love', 

A Person instance can be created passing the attributes. Also can be instantiated by a dict.


data = {
    'name': 'Patrick Love',
    'height': 75,
    'weight': 180

p1 = Person(**data)

Nested Models

We can create and mananger more complex structs by nested models. It's simply by using a model as field type of other model.

import bike

class Address:
    address_1: str
    address_2: str = ''
    city: str
    state: str
    code: str
    country: str

class Phone:
    country_code: str
    local_code: str
    number: str

class Person:
    name: str
    address: Address
    phones: list[Phone]
payload = {
    'name': 'Aline Mark',
    'address': {
        'address_1': '239 W 45th St',
        'address_2': '',
        'city': 'New York',
        'state': 'NY',
        'code': '10036',
        'country': 'EUA'
    'phones': [
            'country_code': '+1',
            'local_code': '010',
            'number': '134354325'
            'country_code': '+2',
            'local_code': '011',
            'number': '134565436'
p1 = Person(**payload)
# +1
# 011
# NY

Parsing to Json and Dict

We can parse data to dict or json by using .dict() or json() methods respectively.

import bike

class Make:
    name: str
    country: str

class Car:
    name: str
    make: Make

m1 = Make(name='Nissan', country='JP')
c1 = Car(name='Leaf', make=m1)

c1_dict = c1.dict()
# JP

c1_json = c1.json()
# {"name": "Leaf", "make": {"name": "Nissan", "country": "JP"}}

Validating Fields

Fields can be validated adding the validator annotation.

import bike

class Character:
    name: str
    health: float = 1.0

    def name_validator(cls, val):
        return val.title()
    def health_validator(cls, val):
        if val < 0: 
            return 0.0
        elif val > 1:
            return 1.0
        return val
c1 = Character(name='ninki walker', health=2.0)
# Ninki Walker
# 1.0

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