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Recurring payment system

Project description

# Billy

Billy - The Open Source Recurring Billing System, powered by Balanced

(In active development. Consider it pre-alpha)

## Running It

To run billy (development mode), you need to install the package first. As we don’t want to mess the global Python environment, you should create a virtual environmnet first and switch to it

` virtualenv --no-site-packages env source env/bin/activate `

If above works correctly, you should see

` (env) $ `

in you command line tool. The (env) indicates that you are currently in the virtual Python environment. Then you need to install the billy project. Here you run

` python develop `

This should install all required dependencies. Then you need to create tables in database, here you type

` initialize_billy_db development.ini `

This should create all necessary tables for you in a default SQLite database.

Then, to run the API web server, here you type

` pserve development.ini --reload `

To process recurring transactions, here you can type

` process_billy_tx development.ini `

You can setup a crontab job to run the process_billy_tx periodically.

## Running Unit and Functional Tests

To run tests, after installing billy project and all dependencies, you need to install dependencies for testing, here you type:

` pip install -r test_requirements.txt `

And to run the tests, here you type

` python nosetests `

or, if you prefer run specific tests, you can run

` nosetests billy/tests/functional `

## Running Integration Tests

To run integration tests, here you type

` nosetests billy/tests/integration `

The default testing target URL is, to modify it, you can set environment variable BILLY_TEST_URL. To change balanced API key, you can set BILLY_TEST_PROCESSOR_KEY variable. For example

` export BILLY_TEST_URL= export BILLY_TEST_PROCESSOR_KEY=MY_SECRET_KEY_HERE nosetests billy/tests/integration `

Project details

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