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Conan script to remove all outdate packages from remote

Project description

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Conan Remove Outdated

A script to remove all outdated packages from remote



  • Python 3
  • the Conan client


To install by pip is just one step


If you want to install by local copy

pip install .

Or if you want to download our pip package

pip install bincrafters_remove_outdated


  • Make sure your remote is properly listed on Conan remote list (conan remote list)

  • Make sure your Conan client is logged in (conan user) the repository you want to clean. Then:

    $ bincrafters-remove-outdated <repository>

To remove ALL outdated packages on Bincrafters

$ bincrafters-remove-outdated bincrafters


bincrafters-remove-outdated [-h] [--yes] [--ignore] [--dry-run] [--pattern PATTERN | --package-list-file PACKAGE_LIST_FILE] [--version] remote

Conan Remove Outdated

positional arguments:
  remote                Conan remote to be cleaned e.g conan-center

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --yes, -y             Do not ask for confirmation
  --ignore, -i          Ignore errors receive from remote
  --dry-run, -d         Check which packages will be removed only
  --pattern PATTERN, -p PATTERN
                        Pattern to filter package name to be removed. e.g
  --package-list-file PACKAGE_LIST_FILE, -plf PACKAGE_LIST_FILE
                        Package list file path
  --version, -v         show program's version number and exit

If you need to remove only some packages, there are some options:


You could apply a pattern to filter the reference name.

For example, removing all Boost packages from bincrafters:

bincrafters-remove-outdated --pattern=Boost/* bincrafters
Package List

You could use a file to list all packages to be removed.

For example, remove outdated builds from Boost, Poco and OpenSSL using a text file:

bincrafters-remove-outdated --package-list-file=package_list.txt bincrafters
Testing and Development

To install extra packages required to test

pip install .[test]


To run all unit test + code coverage, just execute:

pip install -r bincrafters_remove_outdated/requirements_test.txt
cd tests
pytest -v --cov=bincrafters_remove_outdated


To develop or run conan remove outdated

pip install -r bincrafters_remove_outdated/requirements.txt


There are two ways to upload this project.

Travis CI

After to create a new tag, the package will be uploaded automatically to PyPi.
Both username and password (encrypted) are in travis file.
Only one job will upload, the others will be skipped.

Command line

To upload this package on pypi (legacy mode):

pip install twine
python sdist
twine upload dist/*



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