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normalize, verify, and select genomic data

Project description

bionorm normalizes and validates genomic data files prior to further processing or inclusion in a data store such as that of the Legume Federation.


Python 3.6 or greater is required. This package is tested under Linux and MacOS using Python 3.7.

Installation for Users

Install via pip or (better yet) pipx:

pipx install bionorm

bionorm contains some long commands and many options. To enable command-line completion for bionorm commands, execute the following command if you are using bash as your shell:

eval "$(_BIONORM_COMPLETE=source_bash bionorm)"

For Developers

If you plan to develop bionorm, you’ll need to install the poetry dependency manager. If you haven’t previously installed poetry, execute the command:

curl -sSL | python

Next, get the master branch from GitHub

git clone

Change to the bionorm/ directory and install with poetry:

poetry install -v

Run bionorm with poetry:

poetry run bionorm


Installation puts a single script called bionorm in your path. The usage format is:


Global Options

The following options are global in scope and, if used, must be placed before COMMAND. Not all commands support every global option:

-v, –verbose

Log debugging info to stderr.

-q, –quiet

Suppress logging to stderr.


Suppress logging to file.

-e, –warnings_as_errors

Treat warnings as fatal (for testing).


A listing of commands is available via bionorm --help. The currently implemented commands are:


Prefix FASTA files for data store standard.


Prefix and sort GFF3 file for data store standard.


Perform BUSCO checks.


Detect/correct incongruencies among files.


Check for GFF/FASTA consistency.


Generates a README file with details of genome.


Indexes FASTA file.

Each command has its COMMANDOPTIONS, which may be listed with:

bionorm COMMAND --help

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