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Bitcoin Cash for Python

Project description

# BitcoinPy: Bitcoin Cash Python library

Forked from Ofek’s Bit and Teran McKinney’s bitcash.

#### BitcoinPy is so easy to use, in fact, you can do this:

`python >>> from bitcoinpython import Key >>> >>> k = Key() >>> k.address 'bitcoincash:qp0hamw9rpyllkmvd8047w9em3yt9fytsunyhutucx' >>> >>> k.get_balance('usd') '2' >>> >>> # Let's donate a dollar to >>> outputs = [ >>> ('bitcoincash:qz69e5y8yrtujhsyht7q9xq5zhu4mrklmv0ap7tq5f', 1, 'usd'), >>> # you can add more recipients here >>> ] >>> >>> k.send(outputs) '6aea7b1c687d976644a430a87e34c93a8a7fd52d77c30e9cc247fc8228b749ff' `

Done ✅ Here is the transaction:

## Features

  • Python’s fastest available implementation (100x faster than closest library)

  • Seamless integration with existing server setups

  • Supports keys in cold storage

  • Fully supports 25 different currencies

  • First class support for storing data in the blockchain

  • Deterministic signatures via RFC 6979

  • Exchange rate API, with optional caching

  • Optimal transaction fee API, with optional caching

  • Compressed public keys by default

  • Multiple representations of private keys; WIF, PEM, DER, etc.

  • Standard P2PKH transactions

## Installation

BitcoinPython is distributed on PyPI and is available on Linux/macOS and Windows with Python 3.5+

`shell $ pip3 install bitcoinpython `

## Credits

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