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Bitpanda Global Exchange API asynchronous python client

Project description

bitpanda-aio 2.0.1

Announcement:bitpanda-aio has been replaced by a new library cryptolib-aio. cryptolib-aio offers the very same functionality as bitpanda-aio but on top it provides access to multiple cryptoexchanges and other (mostly technical) new features. You can keep using bitpanda-aio but please note no new features/bugfixes will be implemented. We recommend to migrate to cryptolib-aio.

bitpanda-aio is a Python library providing access to Bitpanda Pro API (former Bitpanda Global Exchange). Library implements bitpanda's REST API as well as websockets.

bitpanda-aio is designed as an asynchronous library utilizing modern features of Python and of supporting asynchronous libraries (mainly async websockets and aiohttp).

For changes see CHANGELOG.


  • access to complete Bitpanda's REST API (account details, market data, order management, ...) and websockets (account feed, market data feed, orderbook feed, ...)
  • automatic connection management (reconnecting after remote termination, ...)
  • channels bundled in one or multiple websockets processed in parallel
  • lean architecture setting ground for the future extensions and customizations
  • fully asynchronous design aiming for the best performance


pip install bitpanda-aio


Due to dependencies and Python features used by the library please make sure you use Python 3.6 or 3.7.

Before starting using bitpanda-aio, it is necessary to take care of downloading your Bitpanda API key from your Bitpanda Pro account.



import asyncio
import logging
import datetime

from bitpanda.BitpandaClient import BitpandaClient
from bitpanda.Pair import Pair
from bitpanda.enums import OrderSide, TimeUnit

logger = logging.getLogger("bitpanda")

async def run():
	api_key = "<YOUR_API_KEY>"

	client = BitpandaClient(api_key)

	print("Account balance:")
	await client.get_account_balances()

	print("Account fees:")
	await client.get_account_fees()

	print("Account orders:")
	await client.get_account_orders()

	print("Account order:")
	await client.get_account_order("1")

	print("Create market order:")
	await client.create_market_order(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), OrderSide.BUY, "1")

	print("Create limit order:")
	await client.create_limit_order(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), OrderSide.BUY, "10", "10")

	print("Create stop loss order:")
	await client.create_stop_limit_order(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), OrderSide.BUY, "10", "10", "10")

	print("Delete orders:")
	await client.delete_account_orders(Pair("BTC", "EUR"))

	print("Delete order:")
	await client.delete_account_order("1")

	print("Order trades:")
	await client.get_account_order_trades("1")

	await client.get_account_trades()

	await client.get_account_trade("1")

	print("Trading volume:")
	await client.get_account_trading_volume()

	await client.get_currencies()

	await client.get_candlesticks(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), TimeUnit.DAYS, "1", - datetime.timedelta(days=7),

	await client.get_account_fees()

	await client.get_instruments()

	print("Order book:")
	await client.get_order_book(Pair("BTC", "EUR"))

	await client.get_time()

	await client.close()

if __name__ == "__main__":


import asyncio
import logging

from bitpanda.BitpandaClient import BitpandaClient
from bitpanda.Pair import Pair
from bitpanda.subscriptions import AccountSubscription, PricesSubscription, OrderbookSubscription, \
	CandlesticksSubscription, MarketTickerSubscription, CandlesticksSubscriptionParams
from bitpanda.enums import TimeUnit

logger = logging.getLogger("bitpanda")

async def order_book_update(response : dict) -> None:
	print(f"Callback {order_book_update.__name__}: [{response}]")

async def run():
	api_key = "<YOUR_API_KEY>"

	client = BitpandaClient(api_key)

	# Bundle several subscriptions into a single websocket
		PricesSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")]),
		OrderbookSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")], "50", callbacks = [order_book_update]),
		CandlesticksSubscription([CandlesticksSubscriptionParams(Pair("BTC", "EUR"), TimeUnit.MINUTES, 1)]),
		MarketTickerSubscription([Pair("BTC", "EUR")])

	# Bundle another subscriptions into a separate websocket
		OrderbookSubscription([Pair("ETH", "EUR")], "50", callbacks = [order_book_update]),

	# Execute all websockets asynchronously
	await client.start_subscriptions()

	await client.close()

if __name__ == "__main__":

All examples can be found in client-example/ in the GitHub repository.


If you like the library and you feel like you want to support its further development, enhancements and bugfixing, then it will be of great help and most appreciated if you:

  • file bugs, proposals, pull requests, ...
  • spread the word
  • donate an arbitrary tip
    • BTC: 15JUgVq3YFoPedEj5wgQgvkZRx5HQoKJC4
    • ETH: 0xf29304b6af5831030ba99aceb290a3a2129b993d
    • ADA: DdzFFzCqrhshyLV3wktXFvConETEr9mCfrMo9V3dYz4pz6yNq9PjJusfnn4kzWKQR91pWecEbKoHodPaJzgBHdV2AKeDSfR4sckrEk79
    • XRP: rhVWrjB9EGDeK4zuJ1x2KXSjjSpsDQSaU6 + tag 599790141


If you feel you want to get in touch, then please

  • use Github Issues if it is related to the development, or
  • send an e-mail to


In case you are interested in an automated trading bot, check out our other project creten.

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