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Module for performing simple business day arithmetic; forked from python-bizdatetime

Project description

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bizdatim is a simple library for performing business day arithmetic.

Source is hosted at


Rotating weekends/holidays are not supported (e.g., two days working, third day off).

The business hour arithmetic is limited to additions.



Weekly repeating non-business day. Weekend does not have to be at the end (or beginning) or the week. Weekends do not have to be consecutive days.


Like weekend, holiday is a non-business day. Unlike weekend, holiday does not have weekly regularity. It is just a date. Holiday can coincide with weekend.

Working hours

The starting and ending time of a business day.


Is a (possibly empty) collection of weekends, holidays and working hours. All calculations are performed within a policy.


All business day arithmetic is performed in the context of policy:

>>> from bizdatim import Polycy, SAT, SUN
>>> from datetime import date
>>> policy = Policy(weekends=(SAT, SUN), holidays=(date(2011,7,1),))
>>> day = date(2011, 6, 29) # Wednesday
>>> print(policy.add(day, 2))  # add 2 business dates -> Monday after the long weekend, 7, 4)
>>> print(policy.biz_day_delta(date(2011, 7, 4), date(2011, 6, 30)))  # one holiday, one weekend between

There is also the possibility to do arithmetic on business hours:

>>> policy = Policy(weekends=(SAT, SUN), holidays=(date(2011,7,1)), hours=(time(8), time(20)))
>>> day = datetime(2011, 6, 29, 14, 30)
>>> policy.add(day, timedelta(days=1, hours=5))  # The day after, in the afternoon
datetime.datetime(2011, 6, 29, 19, 30)
>>> policy.add(day, timedelta(days=1, hours=10))  # Too many hours, will finish the monday after the long weekend
datetime.datetime(2011, 7, 4, 12, 30)

Policy method docstrings contain more examples.

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