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A python package that allows the download of thousands of files concurrently

Project description


BlackFeed is a micro python library that allows you download and upload files concurrently. You can download your files locally but you can also upload them to your cloud without writing them to disk.

Packages required

Installed automatically with pip

  • requests
  • boto3


pip install blackfeed


Download and upload files to AWS S3 For this to work, AWS CLI must be configured

from blackfeed import Downloader
from blackfeed.adapter import S3Adapter

queue = [
        'url': '', # Required
        'destination': 'some/key/image.jpg' # S3 key - Required 
        'url': '',
        'destination': 'some/key/image2.jpg' 

downloader = Downloader(
    multi=True, # If true, uploads files to images to S3 with multithreading
    stateless=False # If set to False, it generates and stores md5 hashes of files in a file
    state_id='flux_states' # name of the file where hashes will be stored (states.txt) not required
    bulksize=200 # Number of concurrent downloads
stats = downloader.get_stats() # Returns a dict with information about the process

Download files with states

Loading states can be useful if you don't want to re-download the same file twice.

from blackfeed import Downloader
from blackfeed.adapter import S3Adapter

queue = [

downloader = Downloader(

# You can add a callback function if needed
# This function will be called after each bulk is processed
def callback(responses):
    # response: {
    #    'destination': destination of the file can be local or can be S3 key,
    #    'url': URL from where the file was downloaded,
    #    'httpcode': HTTP code returned by the server,
    #    'status': True|False,
    #    'content-type': Mime type of the downloaded resource Example: image/jpeg
    # }
    # responses: response[]

    pass # Your logic


downloader.load_states('filename') # This will load states from "filename.txt"
stats = downloader.get_stats() # Statistics 


Let's you to download/retrieve files from FTP, SFTP and HTTP/S servers easily.


Downloading file from FTP

from blackfeed import ElasticDownloader

uri = ''

retriever = ElasticDownloader()
res =, localpath='/tmp/myfile.csv') # localfile is optional
# .download() function returns False if there was an error or return the local path of the downloaded file if it was a success.

Retrieving binary content of file from FTP

from blackfeed import ElasticDownloader

uri = ''

retriever = ElasticDownloader()
res = retriever.retrieve(uri) # Return type: io.BytesIO | False

with open('/tmp/myfile.csv', 'wb') as f:

ElasticDownloader can handle FTP, SFTP and HTTP URIs automatically. Use the method download to download file locally and use the retrieve method to get the binary content of a file.

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