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Black but with tabs

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Black ( but with tabs

Note: you may wish to consider

Here are the configuration options to fall back to Blackt's behavior. Put them in pyproject.toml:

line-length = 88
single-quote = false
use-tabs = true
function-definition-extra-indent = false
other-line-continuation-extra-indent = false
closing-bracket-extra-indent = false
wrap-line-with-long-string = true
collapse-nested-brackets = false
wrap-comments = true
wrap-pragma-comments = true

Here is a more opinionated example

line-length = 120
single-quote = false
use-tabs = true
target-version = ["py38"]

Using (snippet from upstream)

To get started right away with sensible defaults:

black {source_file_or_directory}

You can run Black as a package if running it as a script doesn't work:

python -m black {source_file_or_directory}

Command line options

Black doesn't provide many options. You can list them by running black --help:

Usage: black [OPTIONS] SRC ...

  The uncompromising code formatter.

  -c, --code TEXT                 Format the code passed in as a string.
  -l, --line-length INTEGER       How many characters per line to allow.
                                  [default: 100]
  -t, --target-version [py27|py33|py34|py35|py36|py37|py38|py39]
                                  Python versions that should be supported by
                                  Black's output. [default: per-file auto-
  --pyi                           Format all input files like typing stubs
                                  regardless of file extension (useful when
                                  piping source on standard input).
  --ipynb                         Format all input files like Jupyter
                                  Notebooks regardless of file extension
                                  (useful when piping source on standard
  -S, --skip-string-normalization
                                  Don't normalize string quotes or prefixes.
  -C, --skip-magic-trailing-comma
                                  Don't use trailing commas as a reason to
                                  split lines.
  --check                         Don't write the files back, just return the
                                  status. Return code 0 means nothing would
                                  change. Return code 1 means some files would
                                  be reformatted. Return code 123 means there
                                  was an internal error.
  --diff                          Don't write the files back, just output a
                                  diff for each file on stdout.
  --color / --no-color            Show colored diff. Only applies when
                                  `--diff` is given.
  --fast / --safe                 If --fast given, skip temporary sanity
                                  checks. [default: --safe]
  --required-version TEXT         Require a specific version of Black to be
                                  running (useful for unifying results across
                                  many environments e.g. with a pyproject.toml
  --include TEXT                  A regular expression that matches files and
                                  directories that should be included on
                                  recursive searches. An empty value means all
                                  files are included regardless of the name.
                                  Use forward slashes for directories on all
                                  platforms (Windows, too). Exclusions are
                                  calculated first, inclusions later.
                                  [default: (\.pyi?|\.ipynb)$]
  --exclude TEXT                  A regular expression that matches files and
                                  directories that should be excluded on
                                  recursive searches. An empty value means no
                                  paths are excluded. Use forward slashes for
                                  directories on all platforms (Windows, too).
                                  Exclusions are calculated first, inclusions
                                  later. [default: /(\.direnv|\.eggs|\.git|\.h
  --extend-exclude TEXT           Like --exclude, but adds additional files
                                  and directories on top of the excluded ones.
                                  (Useful if you simply want to add to the
  --force-exclude TEXT            Like --exclude, but files and directories
                                  matching this regex will be excluded even
                                  when they are passed explicitly as
  --stdin-filename TEXT           The name of the file when passing it through
                                  stdin. Useful to make sure Black will
                                  respect --force-exclude option on some
                                  editors that rely on using stdin.
  -q, --quiet                     Don't emit non-error messages to stderr.
                                  Errors are still emitted; silence those with
  -v, --verbose                   Also emit messages to stderr about files
                                  that were not changed or were ignored due to
                                  exclusion patterns.
  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  --config FILE                   Read configuration from FILE path.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

Black is a well-behaved Unix-style command-line tool:

  • it does nothing if no sources are passed to it;
  • it will read from standard input and write to standard output if - is used as the filename;
  • it only outputs messages to users on standard error;
  • exits with code 0 unless an internal error occurred (or --check was used).

For more info see


A high-level overview of how the documentation is organized organized will help you know where to look for certain things:

  • The Technical Reference documents APIs and other aspects of the machinery. This documentation describes how to use the classes and functions at a lower level and assume that you have a good high-level understanding of the software.

Install With PIP

pip install blackt

Head to for more info

Language information

Built for

This program has been written for Python versions 3.8 - 3.11 and has been tested with both 3.8 and 3.11

Install Python on Windows


choco install python

Windows -

To install Python, go to and download the latest version.

Install Python on Linux


sudo apt install python3.x


sudo dnf install python3.x

Install Python on MacOS


brew install python@3.x

MacOS -

To install Python, go to and download the latest version.

How to run


  • Module py -3.x -m [module] or [module] (if module installs a script)

  • File py -3.x [file] or ./[file]

Linux/ MacOS

  • Module python3.x -m [module] or [module] (if module installs a script)

  • File python3.x [file] or ./[file]


This project uses to automate most of the building. This command generates the documentation, updates the requirements.txt and builds the library artefacts

Note the functionality provided by fhmake can be approximated by the following

handsdown  --cleanup -o documentation/reference
poetry export -f requirements.txt --output requirements.txt
poetry export -f requirements.txt --with dev --output requirements_optional.txt
poetry build

fhmake audit can be run to perform additional checks


For testing with the version of python used by poetry use

poetry run pytest

Alternatively use tox to run tests over python 3.8 - 3.11


Download Project


Using The Command Line

  1. Press the Clone or download button in the top right

  2. Copy the URL (link)

  3. Open the command line and change directory to where you wish to clone to

  4. Type 'git clone' followed by URL in step 2

    git clone

More information can be found at

Using GitHub Desktop

  1. Press the Clone or download button in the top right
  2. Click open in desktop
  3. Choose the path for where you want and click Clone

More information can be found at

Download Zip File

  1. Download this GitHub repository
  2. Extract the zip archive
  3. Copy/ move to the desired location

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MIT License Copyright (c) FredHappyface (See the LICENSE for more information.)


See the Changelog for more information.

Code of Conduct

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Contributions are welcome, please see the Contributing Guidelines for more information.


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