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Compiler for the BoaConstrictor programming language.

Project description


Simplicity rocks!


To make a New and Improved coding language. You see, whenever I look up Python on Reddit, people are always saying that they wish there was a language which combines the simple syntax of Python with the simple grammar of C++. Intruiged by the idea, I did a some looking around to see if such a language exists. Unfortunately, however, I quickly found that are no such languages. As a result, I decided to make a new programming language, which would combine these features. In addition, I wanted to still be able to use ANY python module in your code. So, after several months of work, here is the end product: BoaConstrictor. In addition, you can use ANY python module in your code.

Installation using PIP:

pip install boaconstrictor


C:\Users\foo> boaconstrictor You will then be prompted to enter a filename. This must be a valid path to a *.boa file. Enter a file-path, and then press <<enter>>.

Example code:

using time
function main(){
    cout "Hello, world!"
    x = 3.5

If you have any questions, contact me via email. My address is


V 1.2.2: Fixed escape characters.

V 1.2.3: Fixed problems with the Print and Input functions.

V 1.2.4: Fixed the output filename problem with V 1.2.3.

V 1.2.9: Added end keyword, fixed the glitch which was causing always to output to 'output.exe'.

V 1.2.10: Fixed end keyword implementation problem.

V 1.2.11: Got everything up and working, releasing to PyPI.

V 1.3.3: Reworked compilation algorithm to be faster, fixed 'cin' statement, changed command-line operation.

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