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A collection of zc.buildout recipes for Bob packages

Project description

Buildout Recipes for Bob Packages

This package is part of the signal-processing and machine learning toolbox Bob. It contains a number of zc.buildout recipes for simplifying builds of Bob packages.

C++/Python Extension

This extension allows you to compile C/C++ extensions that depend on each other using a buildout. It assures that eggs living in both develop-eggs and eggs are on your path before building the packages in the develop section. By using this extension you can drop the use of the local recipe bob.buildout:develop, which should be considered deprecated.

Supported Options


If set, buildout it will output the compilation commands while compiling the module.


A list of directories where this recipe will look for installed software, such as compiled libraries and header files. It is the same as setting the environment variable BOB_PREFIX_PATH to a list of paths containing externally installed software. As a side-effect, setting BOB_PREFIX_PATH also sets, internally, PKG_CONFIG_PATH to a list of directories following where to search for pkg-config files.


If set, the module will be compiled with debugging symbols and with optimization turned off. If debug is set to true, this is equivalent to appending the environment variables CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS with -O0 -g. If it is set to false, it is the same as appending -O3 -g0 instead.


The name of a section on your configuration file that contains the names and values of environment variables that should be used through the build. This section is named, by default, environ.

If a section named environ exists, it is read and the environment variables are set before the specified eggs are developed. You can use variable substitution on this section. Here is an an example:


Notice there is some functionality overlap between the previous flags and the use of section environ. While it is more flexible, you must understand the consequences of setting both prefixes and debug, together with environ. The rule is simple: values set on the environ section have precedence to debug and prefixes. If you set debug and CFLAGS (or CXXFLAGS) in the environ section, for example, then the values on the final CFLAGS variable would be -O0 -g followed by environ’s CFLAGS settings. Analogously, the paths defined by environ’s BOB_PREFIX_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH are prepended to those listed in prefixes, if that is also set.

Multi-Script Installer

This recipe installs all most used scripts and interpreter proxies for your package. It will look at the buildout section entry called prefixes, that potentially lists prefixes that should be prepended to the default python environment. In these prefixes, it will look for standard python directories. If one or more are found, these paths are prepended into the resulting scripts generated by this recipe and eggs will be searched on those locations prioritarily.

By default, this recipe will use the eggs defined at the buildout section called eggs, but that can be overriden locally. It generates these scripts:

A pre-configured python interpreter
A pre-configured python interpreter, prefixed with gdb to make debugging easier. Use it like you use python.
A test runner called nosetests will be created on the bin directory of buildout.
A test coverage application called coverage will be created on the bin directory of buildout.
Several sphinx utilities will be created on the bin directory of buildout.
package scripts
Package scripts will be created taking into account the prefixes established for this section or globally (as a second priority).

To use this recipe, you just have to simply do:

recipe = bob.buildout:scripts

Common Supported Options

The recipe supports the following options:

A list of directories where this recipe will look for subdirectories with the stem lib/python*/site-packages. All directories matching this condition are appended to the search paths. If not given, the value of this property defaults to buildout.prefixes. Both can be empty, which makes this recipe default to using standard available paths.
The eggs option specifies a list of eggs to use for building this package. Each string must be given on a separate line. If not given, the value of this property defaults to buildout.eggs.
If set to the string true, scripts will be generated for all required eggs in addition to the eggs specifically named.
The name of a script to generate that allows access to a Python interpreter that has the path set based on the eggs installed. If you don’t specify anything, the default value python will be used.
Extra paths to be appended in a generated script. To prepend, using the prefixes entry.
These are extra flags that are appended to the given nosetests command line, automatically. Use this to preset arguments you like running all the time like -v, for example.


Follow our installation instructions. Then, using the Python interpreter provided by the distribution, bootstrap and buildout this package:

$ python
$ ./bin/buildout


For questions or reporting issues to this software package, contact our development mailing list.

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