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Templates for NiteoWeb projects.

Project description

bobtemplates.niteoweb provides mr.bob templates to generate packages for Plone and Pyramid projects. Templates are designed to be reusable by others, individuals and teams. All templates have tests for verifying which files and folders were generated, along with tests that run on the actual generated package.

Available templates are:

  • Plone: a template for a full featured Plone add-on, including:

    • zc.buildout best practices

    • GenericSetup install profile

    • Zope 3 browser layer

    • z3c.jbot overrides folder

    • static/ resourceDirectory for serving static resources (images, CSS, JS, etc.)

    • Sphinx documentation

    • test suite with a solid test coverage

    • Travis CI integration

  • Pyramid: a template for a full featured Pyramid project, work-in-progress.

Global settings

Some answers to bob’s questions can be pre-filled based on global configuration so you don’t have to answer them every time. You can store this configuration either on you local computer, or if you are working in a team, somewhere online. We, at NiteoWeb Ltd., for example, have these answers always available for us at

Creating a Plone add-on package

To create a Plone add-on first install (or upgrade to latest) the bobtemplates.niteoweb package and then run mrbob:

$ easy_install -U bobtemplates.niteoweb
$ mrbob --config ~/.mrbob.ini -O bobtemplates.niteoweb:plone

Then answer some questions:

Welcome to mr.bob interactive mode. Before we generate directory structure,
some questions need to be answered.

Answer with a question mark to display help.
Value in square brackets at the end of the questions present default value
if there is no answer.

--> Name of the package: zulu


And your package is ready! Let’s build the development environment and see if all tests pass:

$ cd niteoweb.zulu
$ make

Great, you are now set to start Zope in foreground mode: bin/instance fg. Once Zope is up, point your browser to http://localhost:8080, login as admin:admin, create a new Plone site while selecting niteoweb.zulu from the list of Add-ons and voilá: a Plone site with your very own add-on installed.

Now you can add some customizations to views and templates, or maybe write some CSS and JS.

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