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make things go boom

Project description


Simple data manipulation tool with a bang.


pip install bombchu --user


❯ # break on a delimiter 
❯ echo "d,d,b,a,a,b,c,d,d,e" | bombchu -d','
['d', 'd', 'b', 'a', 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'd', 'e']

❯ # same thing, but sort unique
❯ echo "d,d,b,a,a,b,c,d,d,e" | bombchu -d',' -s -u
['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']

❯ # now output it with a delimiter 
❯ echo "d,d,b,a,a,b,c,d,d,e" | bombchu -d',' -s -u -o'; '
a; b; c; d; e

❯ # i got some csv data that looks like this...
❯ head -n 2 foo.csv
"2022-04-10 06:00:10",,51111

❯ # let's extract all the unique ips and put them on new lines
❯ cat foo.csv | bombchu -c ip -u -n

❯ # i gotta put this data in to splunk now in term format
❯ cat foo.csv | bombchu -c ip -u -t

❯ # now i got some json data that looks like this...
❯ cat foo.json
    "foo": {
        "id": 1234
    "foo2": {
        "id": 1337
    "foo3": {
        "id": 1111

❯ # i need all these ids sorted
❯ cat foo.json | bombchu -j id -s
[1111, 1234, 1337]

❯ # now i got some log file that looks like this...
❯ head -n 2 foo.log
{"name": "joe", "id": 4242, "action": "bleh"}
{"name": "bob", "id": 1337, "action": "blah"}

❯ # let's see the users in these logs
❯ cat foo.log | bombchu -jl name -o", "
joe, bob, bob, bob, bob, john, john, bob, bob, susan, susan, bob

❯ # i need these sorted unique and ready to go into splunk
❯ cat tests/foo.log | bombchu -jl name -s -u -sp
("bob", "joe", "john", "susan")

❯ # now throw that on my clipboard
❯ cat tests/foo.log | bombchu -jl name -s -u -sp -cp
("bob", "joe", "john", "susan")

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