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Library for sensor data processing and visualization

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A python library for collecting data from a variety of sources ranging from gpio sensors to weather services to internal computer sensors. The data is then formatted and sorted. Next it will be saved locally and/or uploaded to a cloud service. From there charts, graphs, and other visualizations can be viewed in realtime via a web interface. The library also supports displaying data (both realtime and historical) via hardware such as LEDs/LED arrays or low-power/small-format displays.

BoogiePi is a python library for:

  • Collecting
  • Organizing
  • Formatting
  • Cloud publishing
  • Displaying
  • Graphing

data which is acquired from:

  • Hardware GPIO Sensors
  • Local System Information
  • Remote System Information
  • OpenWeatherMaps
  • Web Services
  • Other sources


Just download and extract package to any directory.

Example paths:

  • Linux: /home/user/Scripts
  • Windows: C:\Users\user\Scripts



import assasinatour'app_name') # kills the script called app_name
assasinatour.clean_stuff() # clears the ledshim and oled
assasinatour.is_running('app_name') # returns True/False if a script called app_name is running


import statinatour

statinatour.get_cpu_percent() # returns the system cpu percent
statinatour.get_disk_percent() # returns the disk usage percent
statinatour.get_current_freq() # returns the system cpu frequency

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The original scope of the project was to collect data from gpio sensors on a raspberry pi 3b+ and then display that data via a combination of an LED strip and an OLED panel. The project has since evolved to encompass many more data sources and storage and display options. The library can now transmit data to cloud services, making it accessible from any device, any where. In addition, all data points are saved indefintely and with precise timestamps, allowing for more accurate and complex visualizations. We've also added support for more display devices and begun building a beautiful web interface for broad access to graphical charts and visualizations.


At the current development stage this repository is private.

  • In other words, you shouldn't be seeing this!

However, once the code is more mature:

  • Any public changes, additions and updates will be welcomed as long as the license and spirit of the original work is preserved.


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