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Framework to program bots !!

Project description


BOTJE is a python3 framework which you can use to program bots.
BOTJE makes it possible to program your own module enabling your own commands.
BOTJE contains serveral modules that can be used to program.
BOTJE has a MIT no-clause license.


you might need to do the following if the bot doesn’t work:

bart@okdan:~/botje$ export PYTHONPATH="."
bart@okdan:~/botje$ export PYTHONIOENCODING="utf-8"

clone the source:

bart@okdan:~$ hg clone
bart@okdan:~$ cd botje
bart@okdan:~/botje$ ./botje --shell

another option is to download with pip3 and install globally:

bart@okdan:~$ pip3 install botje --upgrade
bart@okdan:~$ ./botje --shell


use the botje-irc program to connect to an IRC server.

bart@okdan:~$ botje-irc -n botje -s -c \#botje


use the botje-xmpp to connect to an XMPP server

bart@okdan:~$ botje-xmpp -u --room


one needs to add a users origin to be able to give the bot commands. One can add a user with the meet command:

bart@okdan:~$ botje meet user@server
user user@server created

to give the user a permission you can use the perm command:

bart@okdan:~$ botje perm user@server ps
ok user@server

the default shell user is root@shell and gives access to all the commands that are available.


user programmed modules are read from the ~/.mods directory, you can put your .py files over there.


def hi(event):
    event.reply("hi %s" % event.origin)


Name Description
bot.clk timer/repeater/timed daemon (clock).
bot.cmd basic commands (commands).
bot.dbz access saved json files (databases).
bot.dcc direct client to client bot (DCC).
bot.eml botlib basic commands (email).
bot.evt event class (event).
bot.hdl event handler based on queue.Queue (handler).
bot.irc irc bot (IRC).
bot.lcs license command (license).
bot.ldr load modules (loader).
bot.log log module to set standard format of logging (log).
bot.obj object class with save/load of json files (object).
bot.raw raw output using print (raw).
bot.rss rss module (needs feedparser).
bot.shl shell related functionality (shell).
bot.slt select based loop (select).
bot.thr threading module (launcher).
bot.tmd timed helper functions (timed).
bot.trc stack trace helper functions (trace).
bot.udp relay txt through a udp port listener (UDP).
bot.url functions that fetch data from url (url).
bot.xmpp xmpp bot (requires sleekxmpp).


Over 60 commands are now available in BOTJE.

Name Description
announce announce text on all channels in fleet.
begin begin stopwatch.
cfg edit config files.
cmds show list of commands.
deleted show deleted records.
delperm delete permissions of an user.
edit edit and save objects.
end stop stopwatch.
exit stop the bot.
find present a list of objects based on prompt input.
first show the first record matching the given criteria.
fix fix a object by loading and saving it.
last show last objectect matching the criteria.
load force a plugin reload.
log log some text.
loud disable silent mode of a bot.
ls show subdirs in working directory.
man show descriptions of the available commands.
meet create an user record.
mods show available modules.
nick change bot nick on IRC.
perm add/change permissions of an user.
permissions show permissions granted to a user.
perms show permission of user.
pid show pid of the bot.
ps show running threads.
reboot allowing statefull reboot (keeping connections alive).
reload reload a plugin.
restore set deleted=False in selected records.
rm set deleted flag on objects.
rss add a rss url.
shop add a shopitem to the shopping list.
show show dumps of basic objects.
silent put a bot into silent mode.
start start a plugin.
stop stop a plugin.
synchronize synchronize rss feeds (fetch but don’t show).
test echo origin.
timer timer command to schedule a text to be printed on a given time. stopwatch to measure elapsed time.
tinder loop an command nr of times.
today show last week’s logged objects.
todo log a todo item.
tomorrow show todo items for tomorrow.
u show user selected by userhost.
uptime show uptime.
version show version.
w show user data.
watch add a file to watch (monitor and relay to channel).
week show last week’s logged objects.
whoami show origin.
yesterday show last week’s logged objects.
mbox convert emails to botlib objects.


you can email me or contact me on IRC/freenode/#dunkbots.

Bart Thate
botfather on #dunkbots

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