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The botnee tool.

Project description

This is the botnee package. You can run unit tests by running
the package from the command line, e.g.:

$ python botnee

or in ipython:

>>> run botnee/

The package is structured as follows:

\- botnee_config Configuration file
\- debug some debugging helpers
\- doc_store DocStore class, which deals with the mongodb meta data collection
\- engine Main entry point - connects to databases and loads files
\- errors Custom error handlers
\- filters Class to apply filters to retrieved results
\- get_related Functions to retrieve related content by id, index or free text
\- json_io reading of JSON files and management of mongodb connection
\- process main processing engine
| \- data_dict Wrapper around standard dict for data_dict variable
| \- meta_dict Wrapper around standard dict for meta_dict variable
| \- text text processing
| \- vector_space_model TF-IDF etc
\- rss_writer Simple RSS writer that uses WebHelpers Rss201rev2Feed
\- standard_document_io reading of standard document files
\- test
| \- test_corpus unit testing for the Corpus class
| \- test_process unit testing for the process module
| \- test_standard_document_io
| \- test_json_io
\- timeoutLock class for timeout locking
\- timer useful timing functions
\- web
| \- manage django management interface for web interface to botnee
| \- settings django settings file
| \- urls sets up active urls
| \- interface
| | \- models initial loading in of data structures
| | \- tests unit tests
| | \- views code to manage view interaction (form submission etc)
| \- templates html templates (landing pages)

External dependencies

\-Tracer (,botnee.debug)
bidict (botnee.persistent_dict)
\-bidict (botnee.process.meta_dict,botnee.doc_store,botnee.process.text,botnee.process.matrix_dict,botnee.process.vector_space_model,botnee.doc_manager_store,botnee.process.data_dict,botnee.corpus)
\-inverted (botnee.corpus)
\-START_TIME (botnee.engine)
| \-Corpus (botnee.engine)
| \-DocManagerStore (botnee.engine)
| \-DocStore (botnee.process.text,botnee.engine,botnee.process.vector_space_model)
| \-Engine (botnee.web.interface.models,botnee.get_related)
| \-GetRelated (botnee.web.interface.models)
| \-PersistentDict (botnee.process.data_dict,botnee.process.meta_dict,botnee.process.matrix_dict)
| \-data_dict
| | \-DataDict (botnee.process.text,botnee.corpus,botnee.engine,botnee.process.vector_space_model)
| \-matrix_dict
| | \-MatrixDict (botnee.get_related,botnee.engine,botnee.process.vector_space_model)
| \-meta_dict
| | \-MetaDict (botnee.process.text,botnee.corpus,botnee.get_related,botnee.engine,botnee.process.vector_space_model)
| \-text
| | \-process_docs (botnee.engine)
| | \-process_raw_text (botnee.get_related)
| \-time_dict
| | \-TimeDict (botnee.process.text,botnee.corpus,botnee.get_related,botnee.engine,botnee.process.vector_space_model)
| \-vector_space_model
| \-vector_space_model (botnee.get_related,botnee.engine)
| \-StandardDocument (botnee.standard_document_io,botnee.doc_store,botnee.process.text,botnee.engine,botnee.doc_manager_store)
| \-TimeoutLock (botnee.web.interface.views,botnee.engine)
\-engine (botnee.web.interface.views)
\-get_related (botnee.web.interface.views)
bson (botnee.doc_store,botnee.get_related,botnee.doc_manager_store)
\-Code (botnee.doc_store,botnee.doc_manager_store)
\-parser (botnee.standard_document_io)
| \-urls
| \-defaults
| \-include (botnee.web.urls)
| \-patterns (botnee.web.urls)
| \-url (botnee.web.urls)
| \-admin (botnee.web.urls)
| \-management
| \-execute_manager (botnee.web.manage)
| \-models (botnee.web.interface.models)
\-forms (botnee.web.interface.views)
| \-HttpResponse (botnee.web.interface.views)
| \-gzip
| \-GZipMiddleware (botnee.web.interface.views)
| \-render_to_response (botnee.web.interface.views)
\-template (botnee.web.interface.views)
| \-TestCase (botnee.web.interface.tests)
\-csrf_exempt (botnee.web.interface.views)
\-groupby (botnee.process.vector_space_model)
nltk (botnee.test.test_corpus)
numpy (botnee.doc_store,botnee.process.text,botnee.engine,botnee.process.matrix_dict,botnee.process.vector_space_model,,botnee.persistent_dict,botnee.json_io,botnee.filter_results,botnee.process.data_dict,botnee.corpus,botnee.get_related,botnee.debug)
ordereddict (botnee.persistent_dict)
\-OrderedDict (botnee.process.time_dict,botnee.standard_document,botnee.process.meta_dict,botnee.process.text,botnee.process.matrix_dict,botnee.process.vector_space_model,botnee.process.data_dict,botnee.corpus)
pp (botnee.engine)
psutil (botnee.engine)
pymongo (botnee.doc_store,botnee.doc_manager_store)
scipy (botnee.process.vector_space_model)
\-sparse (botnee.doc_store,botnee.engine,botnee.process.matrix_dict,,botnee.filter_results,botnee.process.data_dict,botnee.corpus,botnee.get_related,botnee.debug)
\-setproctitle (botnee.web.manage,botnee)
\-asctime (botnee.engine)
\-localtime (botnee.engine)
\-time (botnee.doc_store,botnee.web.interface.views,botnee.process.text,botnee.process.vector_space_model,botnee.engine,botnee.doc_manager_store,botnee.corpus,botnee.debug,botnee.test.test_corpus)
\-Rss201rev2Feed (botnee.rss_writer)

Copyright 2012 BMJGroup

The name comes from the phonetic version of 'botany' [bot-n-ee]
since botanical nomenclature is closely linked to plant taxonomy.

Version 0.1.2

Project details

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