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a personal package

Project description


Under construction! Not ready for use yet! Currently experimenting and planning!

Developed by BotNikkk / Nikkk

How To Use :

1. centre() function

Usage = Centering Elemtents.

import botnikkk


It also takes 3 extra parameters as input :

  1. symbol : determines what symbol will fill in the blank space, deault parameter = " "
  1. left_alignment : determines the space that will be used on the left hand side of the centred string, defaul parameter = None/calculated automatically
botnikkk.centre('text', left_alignment=23)
  1. str_end : determines what symbol will print as end= in print statement, deault parameter = "\n"


2. format_input() function

Usage = centering the input variable.

import botnikkk

answer = botnikkk.format_input('input_question')


3. int_check() function

Usage = checks if an input variable is a interger or not, takes repetetive inputs if not Interger.

import botnikkk

answer = botnikkk.int_check('any_variable')


4. ans_check() function

Usage = takes a list of strings as input and displays it to the user as centred options, returns the choosen option.

import botnikkk

answer = botnikkk.ans_check(['list_of_variables'])


5. get_alignments() function

Usage = takes a string as input and returns a dictionary containing the designing alignments of the said string in the form :

dic=  {"left_align":value , "left_gap":value, "right_gap":value, "default_gap":value }

which can be used to format a string accoring to the alignment format of package in such form :

print_string= left_align*" " + "|" + left_gap*" " + string + right_gap*" " + "|" 
import botnikkk

alignments = botnikkk.get_alignments("string")


6. redirect() function

Usage = takes a input string as screen name and redirects the user to the said screen in a countdown of 3 seconds. Can only be used in async functions due it's await nature.

import botnikkk

import asyncio

async def function():

    #some code

    await botnikkk.redirect("screen_name")

    #some more code

check out : and

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