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Search engine analyser for nginx/apache web servers

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BotStat is a small utility to monitor the crawl rate of your website by search engine bots. Once you run it, it sends bots crawl rate statistics in CSV format to your email.

Also, it helps to detect the source of possible problems. Crawl rate is dependent on many parameters. We try to give a picture of your site productivity for different search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Sogou, and others.

For example, according to Google's Webmaster Blog, if your website responds quickly for a while, the crawl limit goes up, meaning more connections can be used to crawl. If the site slows down or responds with server errors, the limit goes down, and Googlebot crawls less. Other search engines have similar logic in most cases.


It is easy to do from pip

pip install botstat

or from sources

git clone
cd botstat-seo
python install

If you want to confirm that install was successful, please check for the botstat command line utility.

Usually this tool is used with cron. To go the same way, please add your configuration and configure your crontab.

Running the tests

To be sure everything is fine before installation from sources, just run:

python test


pytest tests/


If you have config at ~/.botstat or /etc/botstat.conf you can just do


or if you have config on custom path

botstat -c /path/to/your/config 

or if you like to provide all params from command line

botstat --access-log access.log --debug --log-format '$remote_addr $host $remote_user [$time_local] "$request" $status $body_bytes_sent "$http_referer" "$http_user_agent" $request_time -$http_x_forwarded_for-' --smtp-port 10025 --mail-to "" --mail-from "root@localhost"


$ botstat --help
usage: botstat [-h] [-c MY_CONFIG] [--verbose] [--debug]
               [--log-format LOG_FORMAT] [--nginx-config NGINX_CONFIG]
               [--access-log ACCESS_LOG] [--day-start DAY_START]
               [--date-start DATE_START] [--mail-to MAIL_TO]
               [--mail-from MAIL_FROM] [--mail-subject MAIL_SUBJECT]
               [--smtp-host SMTP_HOST] [--date-format DATE_FORMAT]
               [--smtp-port SMTP_PORT] [--server-type {nginx,apache}]

Parse web server logs and make bots statistic Args that start with '--' (eg.
--verbose) can also be set in a config file (/etc/botstat.conf or ~/.botstat
or specified via -c). Config file syntax allows: key=value, flag=true,
stuff=[a,b,c] (for details, see syntax at If an arg is
specified in more than one place, then commandline values override config file
values which override defaults.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c MY_CONFIG, --my-config MY_CONFIG
                        config file path
  --verbose             Verbose output
  --debug               Enable debug mode
  --log-format LOG_FORMAT
                        Web server log format like 'log_format' in nginx.conf.
                        Accept 'combined', 'common' or format string field
                        names with $
  --nginx-config NGINX_CONFIG
                        Nginx config file name with path
  --access-log ACCESS_LOG
                        Access log file name. If not specify used stdin.
  --day-start DAY_START
                        Days from the beginning of today, all older records
  --date-start DATE_START
                        Start date for parsing log, all older records skipped
  --mail-to MAIL_TO     Email address to send report
  --mail-from MAIL_FROM
                        'Email FROM' address
  --mail-subject MAIL_SUBJECT
                        Report email subject
  --smtp-host SMTP_HOST
                        SMTP server host name or ip adddress
  --date-format DATE_FORMAT
                        A format string for a date/time field in 'time_local'
                        log field.To see the full set of format codes
                        supported on your platform, consult the strftime(3)
  --smtp-port SMTP_PORT
                        SMTP server port
  --server-type {nginx,apache}
                        Web server type, support nginx and apache (default:
  --xlsx-report         Report in excel format (it's required for xlsxwriter
                        module - run "pip install xlsxwriter" to install)

Built With

  • ConfigArgParse - A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows options to also be set via config files and/or environment variables
  • pytest - Framework makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing for applications and libraries
  • apache-log-parser - Parses log lines from an apache log


Endurant Developers Python Team


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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