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A collection of tools for modding Breath of the Wild

Project description


A set of CLI tools for Breath of the Wild modding

  • yaz0: De/compress a file with Yaz-0
  • aamp: Convert between AAMP and YML
  • byml: Convert between BYML and YML
  • sarc: Manipulate SARC archives
  • actorinfo: Manipulate ActorInfo file

All commands can read from stdin and write to stdout, either automatically or by explicitly using the pipe (-) character instead of file path.

To see how to use these commands, please refer either to command --help (ex. aamp --help), or the examples below.



# View a AAMP file
aamp DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bphysics

# Save as YML
aamp DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bphysics \!!  # Saves as 'DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.physics.yml'
# or
aamp DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bphysics test.yml

Yaz0 and BYML:

# View a BYML file

# First variant
yaz0 ActorInfo.product.sbyml | byml

# Second variant
yaz0 ActorInfo.product.sbyml ActorInfo.product.byml
byml ActorInfo.product.byml

# Save as YML

# First variant
yaz0 ActorInfo.product.sbyml | byml - ActorInfo.product.yml

# Second variant
yaz0 ActorInfo.product.sbyml ActorInfo.product.byml
byml ActorInfo.product.byml \!!  # Saves as 'ActorInfo.product.yml'
# or
byml ActorInfo.product.byml actorinfo.yml

Yaz0 and SARC:

Decompress and extract a SARC archive DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.sbactorpack to elevator folder:

# First variant
yaz0 DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.sbactorpack | sarc e(x)tract - elevator

# Second variant
yaz0 DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.sbactorpack \!!
sarc x DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bactorpack elevator

Remove all files inside SARC:

# First variant
yaz0 DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.sbactorpack | sarc (r)emove - \* | yaz0 - Empty.sbactorpack

# Second variant
yaz0 DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.sbactorpack DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bactorpack
sarc r DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bactorpack \*
yaz0 DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP.bactorpack Empty.sbactorpack


# Get an entry
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.sbyml get DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.sbyml g DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP

# Duplicate an entry
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.sbyml duplicate DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP MyCustomEntranceElevator
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.byml d DgnObj_EntranceElevatorSP MyCustomEntranceElevator

# Change entry keys
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.sbyml edit MyCustomEntranceElevator bfres MyCustomEntranceElevatorBfres
actorinfo ActorInfo.product.byml e MyCustomEntranceElevator bfres MyCustomEntranceElevatorBfres

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