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A bot that purchases items, rendering them bought.

Project description


A bot which can purchase items online, rendering them bought.

In principle, this bot is intended to combat scalping practices. Most bots are closed source and cost money; however, if everyone has access to a free bot, the playing field can be leveled. Additionally, bought is written to purchase at most one item -- the first product it sees available -- and never more.


Installing this bot is a multi-step process involving a Command Line Interface (CLI) such as Windows PowerShell, Bash, or Zsh:

  1. Download Python
  2. Installing Bought
  3. Download browser drivers

1. Downloading Python

Open up your respective CLI and type:

python --version

This will display the python version on your system. Ensure you are running Python 3.7, or higher. If you are running an earlier version of Python, please update your Python. If a Python version isn't installed on your computer and you received an error running this command, download Python from, or a Python distribution like Anaconda.

2. Installing Bought

Python comes with its own package manager called pip which can install packages/libraries. Upgrade the pip package using pip:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Now run the following to download this project package to your system's Python:

pip install bought

If you need to update bought in the future, run:

pip install --upgrade bought

3. Install Webdriver

Vist the selenium documentation page and download the driver for your preferred browser: Firefox | Chrome

This driver will need to be added to your PATH environment variable. You can do this on your specific OS as follows:

Windows Path

Press the Windows key, and type "environment": Edit the system environment variables - Control Panel

Select the above item in the Control Panel, under the advanced tab, find Environment Variables... in the bottom right corner.

System Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables...

Under User variables, select Path, Edit..., New, and provide the path to the FOLDER that contains the driver you downloaded.

Environment variables


In Linux and MacOS, your corresponding CLI will have its own configuration file (typically in your home folder). For bash and zsh, this is ~/.bashrc and ~/.zshrc, respectively.

Open the file to configure your CLI and add the following line to the bottom:

export PATH=/path/to/driver:$PATH

Save and exit. You can restart your CLI, or execute the source command for your corresponding configuration file:

source ~/.bashrc
source ~/.zshrc


Bought uses Python's console scripts entry point. This allows you to use the bought command from your CLI:

bought --help

This will display a list of subcommands and flags that can be used to configure bought and run it from the command line; however, it is highly recommended to use Bought with a config file. A template configuration file file is provided in this repository. Download this file and modify the parameters.

You can then run bought as follows:


bought -c DriveLetter:\path\to\config.ini

For example, substituting DriveLetter:\ (e.g. C:\) and path\to\ (e.g. Users\MyUsername\Downloads\):

bought -c C:\Users\MyUsername\Documents\config.ini


bought -c /path/to/config.ini For example, substituting DriveLetter:\ (e.g. C:\) and path\to\ (e.g. Users\MyUsername\Downloads\):

bought -c /home/MyUsername/Documents/config.ini

If your CLI's current working directory is in the same location, you can use a relative path to your configuration file (i.e. bought -c config.ini).

The config.ini file can be specified in any directory. A sample one is provided in this repository with descriptive comments about their usage.


First and foremost, create an issue on the github repository. This is where issues can be made known publicly -- be sure to check for duplicates prior to submitting an issue.

If you want to address an issue yourself, fork this repository, develop your changes in a branch seperate from main, and submit a pull request.

This project uses poetry which allows for build isolation in a virtual environment. After downloading the repository, run poetry shell and poetry install from the root of the repository to install the project. You may need to uninstall the PyPI version of bought with pip uninstall bought to use your own version of bought.

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