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utilities for working with bqpjson data

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bqpjson is a minimalist python package for working with bqpjson data files, a json-based encoding of binary quadratic programs. A detailed description of the bqpjson data format is available here.

The package can be installed via:

pip install bqpjson

The bqpjson toolset includes:

  • bqpjson - python tools for the validation and transformation of bqpjson data (documentation)

  • bqpjson-schema.json - a JSON-Schema for bqpjson data files

  • spin2bool - a command line tool for converting a bqpjson data files between the spin and boolean variable spaces

  • bqp2qh - a command line tool for converting bqpjson data files into qubist compatible hamiltonians

  • bqp2qubo - a command line tool for converting bqpjson data into qubo data

  • bqp2mzn - a command line tool for converting bqpjson data into a minizinc model

  • bqp2hfs - a command line tool for converting bqpjson data into hfs data

An example of bqpjson data:

  "description":"a simple model",
  "id": 0,
  "linear_terms": [
    {"coeff":  1.3, "id": 2},
    {"coeff": -0.7, "id": 6}
  "metadata": {},
  "offset": 0.0,
  "quadratic_terms": [
    {"coeff": -0.2, "id_head": 4, "id_tail": 2},
    {"coeff":  1.5, "id_head": 6, "id_tail": 2}
  "scale": 1.0,
  "variable_domain": "spin",
  "variable_ids": [2,4,6],
  "version": "1.0.0"


bqpjson is developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is provided under a BSD-ish license with a “modifications must be indicated” clause. See the file for the full text. This package is part of the Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing suite, known internally as LA-CC-16-032.



  • nothing


  • added scaling and offset return values to bqpjson_to_hfs


  • improved bqp2hfs robustness to coefficient precision issues

  • dropped support for python 2.7 and 3.4


  • added support for translation to the HFS data format


  • initial release

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