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REPL for Big Query

Project description


REPL for BigQuery


\?, \h, \help                         Print this stuff
\d, \datasets [PROJECT]               List datasets in current project (or another project)
\p, \projects [PROJECT]               List projects
                                      Will switch projects when provided as parameter
\t, \tables [PROJECT.]DATASET         List tables in a dataset
\c, \columns [PROJECT.]DATASET.TABLE  List columns in a table
\x, \expanded                         Toggle expanded view on/off.
                                      Shorthand for \set expanded BOOL
\clear, clear                         Clear screen

\set VARIABLE VALUE                   
Available options:
    - project PROJECT_ID              Set current project to PROJECT_ID
    - maxrows INT                     Maximum rows displayed (default=100)
    - maxwidth INT                    Maximum column width in non-expanded view (default=50)
    - max_expanded_width INT          Maximum column width in expanded view (default=100)
    - expanded BOOL                   Expanded view (default=False)
    - format_integer STR              Integer display format (default=",d")
    - format_float STR                Float display format (default=",.4f")

Command line arguments

$ bqrepl --help
Usage: bqrepl [OPTIONS]

  REPL for BigQuery

  -c, --credentials-file TEXT  path to credentials .json
  -p, --project TEXT           Use specific project instead of inferring from

  --help                       Show this message and exit.


$ pip install bqrepl


Python dependencies:

  • google-cloud-bigquery
  • pytz
  • click
  • prompt-toolkit
  • logzero
  • pydata-google-auth
  • requests


Stuff to implement, in no particular order:

  • Essentials

    • nice looking results
    • query execution
    • toggle numbers formatting on/off
    • string truncation (aka max column width)
    • expanded output
    • switch GCP projects during session
    • nicer looking errors/warnings
    • multiline queries
    • multiline results in cells
    • some kind of authentication flow if there's no service account provided
    • persist query history in local database
    • query result pagination or whatever is required to keep # results sane
  • Command line arguments:

    • service-account
    • project
    • execute SQL from command line
  • code completion:

    • BQ-specific SQL syntax
    • projects/datasets/tables/columns available in the query context
    • BQ commands
  • BQ commands

    • list projects
    • list datasets
    • list tables
    • list datasets in a specific project
    • list columns
    • show info about dataset/table/view/model
    • filter list
    • copy tables
    • extract (table to bucket)
    • insert rows to table (from local file)
    • create dataset
    • create table
  • Extras

    • colour-coding nulls
    • colour-coding floats/integers/strings/dates (do I even need this?)
    • recall cached query results instead of running them again
    • view results in a horizontally scrollable table (like pgcli)
    • project/dataset tree
    • use tabs for query results?
    • async queries
    • clear screen
    • ? help command

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