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A simple python based expression language

Project description


Brabbel is a small python based expression language which can be used to
evaluate simple expressions.

Brabbel provides the following set of features:

* Values: Strings, Numbers, Variables , Lists
* simple arithmetic operations: + - / *
* simple equation : < > <= >= == !=
* simple bool operation: and or not
* function calls: date, bool
* other: check if values is _in_ a list

Brabbel is the german term for the first "language" of a baby and emphasises
the reduced coverage of this language.
- Added float function to cast value to float. Used to make comparisions
between float and int possible.

- Improved parsing single quoted strings. Now almost all chars are allowed
except a single quote "'" will will raise an execption because parsing
fails. Because the fix is a improvement at all and the remaining bug is is
currently considered as a rare corner case. This will be released anyway.

- Added workaround for failing parsing of expressions when pyparsing is under
high load.

- Changed license from MIT to GPL v2+ and added LICENSE.txt
- Added "bdist_rpm" section setup.cfg.
- Added "egg_info" section setup.cfg.

- Make comparison of operators more type safe. Evaluation of terms is only
valid of operators of the same type. Otherwise the term will evaluate to
- Implement short circuiting for "and" and "or" operators.
- Support "True","False","None" in bool function.
- Refactored code. Created own module for operators and functions.
- Added documentation.

Make Brabbel Python3 compatible. Added python-future package as dependency

- Allow dots "." in variable names.

- Fixed handling of integer and string values in lists.

- Added folders for documentation (currently empty)
- Allow "-" in Strings
- Added more tests.

- Log warning if a variable can not be resolved in the values dict.
- Allow signed numbers. Currently only negativ sign is allowed.
- String to not have a "'" anymore.
- Added more tests.

- Compatiblity: Allow "-" in variable names.
- Fixed strip of "'" in "len" function.

- Allow empty strings
- Fix bool function
- Allow lists as param for functions

- Added len function

- Be more tolerant on whitespaces in delimeted lists,
- Fix call of functions

- Add operator mapping for operators like ge, gt, le, lt, eq, ne
- Be more tolerant on getting non existing values from the values dictionary.
- Removed Rule class.

- Initial Release

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