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A brainfuck REPL.

Project description

A brainfuck REPL.


Pypi (recommended):

sudo pip3 install brainfoose

Manual installation using git master:

git clone

cd brainfoose

pip install -r requirements.txt

sudo install



brainfoose [--run_command=<programs>]

brainfoose [--tape_size=<tape_size>]

brainfoose [--verify_program=<tape_size>]

brainfoose (-h | --help)

brainfoose --version

-h, --help Show this message
--version Show version information
--run Run a command without starting a REPL
 Set size of tape [default: 3000]

The syntax of the language is as follows:

Token Meaning
? Print a help screen
> Increment the data pointer by 1.
< Decrement the data pointer by 1.
+ Increment the value at the data pointer by 1.
- Decrement the value at the data pointer by 1.
. Output the byte at the data pointer. The byte is formatted to the character it represents.
, Store a value at the data pointer’s position. The character is as a decimal byte representing the character. The character is accepted form a standard input prompt.
[ If the value at the data pointer is 0, move to matching ].
] If the value at the data pointer is not 0, move to matching [.
$ Display tape up to last non-zero cell.
& Reset tape.
% Load program from file, syntax: %[filename].

The wikipedia page on brainfuck includes the following tutorial:

[ This program prints "Hello World!" and a newline to the screen, its
  length is 106 active command characters. [It is not the shortest.]

  This loop is an "initial comment loop", a simple way of adding a comment
  to a BF program such that you don't have to worry about any command
  characters. Any ".", ",", "+", "-", "<" and ">" characters are simply
  ignored, the "[" and "]" characters just have to be balanced. This
  loop and the commands it contains are ignored because the current cell
  defaults to a value of 0; the 0 value causes this loop to be skipped.
++++++++               Set Cell #0 to 8
    >++++               Add 4 to Cell #1; this will always set Cell #1 to 4
    [                   as the cell will be cleared by the loop
        >++             Add 2 to Cell #2
        >+++            Add 3 to Cell #3
        >+++            Add 3 to Cell #4
        >+              Add 1 to Cell #5
        <<<<-           Decrement the loop counter in Cell #1
    ]                   Loop till Cell #1 is zero; number of iterations is 4
    >+                  Add 1 to Cell #2
    >+                  Add 1 to Cell #3
    >-                  Subtract 1 from Cell #4
    >>+                 Add 1 to Cell #6
    [<]                 Move back to the first zero cell you find; this will
                        be Cell #1 which was cleared by the previous loop
    <-                  Decrement the loop Counter in Cell #0
]                       Loop till Cell #0 is zero; number of iterations is 8

The result of this is:
Cell No :   0   1   2   3   4s

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