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Python Bravia TV remote control

Project description

Python Bravia TV

Python Bravia TV is a Python library to perform remote communication via http protocol with Sony Bravia TVs 2013 and newer. For more information on the api used in this library, refer to BRAVIA Professional Display Knowledge Center

This library was forked from BraviaRC and is primarily being developed with the intent of supporting home-assistant


# Installing from PyPI
$ pip install bravia-tv
# Installing latest development
$ pip install git+

Initializing and Connecting

from bravia_tv import BraviaRC

ip_address = ''

# IP address is required. The active NIC's mac will be acquired dynamically
# if mac is left None.
braviarc = BraviaRC(ip_address)

# The pin can be a pre-shared key (PSK) or you can
# receive a pin from the tv by making the pin 0000
pin = '1878'

# Connect to TV
braviarc.connect(pin, 'my_device_id', 'my device name')

Command Examples

# Check connection
if braviarc.is_connected():

    # Get power status
    power_status = braviarc.get_power_status()
    print (power_status)

    # Get playing info
    playing_content = braviarc.get_playing_info()

    # Print current playing channel
    print (playing_content.get('title'))

    # Get volume info
    volume_info = braviarc.get_volume_info()

    # Print current volume
    print (volume_info.get('volume'))

    # Change channel

    # Get app list
    app_info = braviarc.load_app_list()
    print (app_info)

    # Start a given app

    # Get scenes (video modes)
    scenes = braviarc.load_scene_list()
    print (scenes)

    # Get current scene (video mode)
    current_scene = braviarc.get_current_scene()
    print (current_scene)

    # Set scene (video mode) to 'Cinema'

    # Turn off the TV

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