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Commandline tools for the homebrewer

Project description


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A command line utility that offers a set of calculators for home brewers.

NOTE: All values and calculations are provided as guidelines only. Brew-tools should not be used for professional brewing. No warranty or guarantee of accuracy is provided on the information provided by this calculator.


Need to do a quick calculation during your brew day? Don’t fancy digging through a GUI application, or a web based tool? Prefer to do simple things in a terminal?

Then brew-tools is for you.

Currently brew-tools includes:

  • ABV calculator

  • Keg priming calculator

  • Priming sugar calculator

  • Quick infusion calculator

  • Adjust gravity with dme calculator

  • Apprent and Real attenuation calculator

  • Final gravity from a given attenuation percentage

More to come


Brew-tools is available from PyPI

pip install brew-tools

You can also clone/download this repository and install it using pip

cd <brew-tools-dir>
pip install .


Brew tools has built in help

Usage: brew-tools [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--version  Show the version and exit.
-imperial  Use imperial units. Metric by default.
--help     Show this message and exit.


and also for its commands

brew-tools infuse --help
Usage: brew-tools infuse [OPTIONS]

  -temp FLOAT    Current temperature of mash
  -target FLOAT  Target temperature of mash
  -ratio FLOAT   Grist/water ratio
  -grain FLOAT   Weight of grain in mash
  -water FLOAT   Temp of infusion water
  --help         Show this message and exit.

If the inputs are not passed via the command line arguments, brew tools will prompt the user for input.

For more information see the documentation


If you want to help develop brew tools you should install it into a virtual environment.

Create and source the environment and then install brew tools with

cd <brew-tools project dir>
pip install -e ".[testing]"

which will install an editable version, as well as all the tools required to run the tests with

pytest tests

In addition to the tests it’s advisable to run a linter of the source as Travis will also check for linting errors. The linter command ignores some errors, so you can use this command to match the command run by Travis

flake8 src --ignore=E501,W504,W503


Thanks to

  • /u/DAMNIT_REZNO - for inspiring me to start this project

  • SlayterDev - DME addition calculator


Brew Tools is released under the MIT license.

See LICENSE.txt for more details

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