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An assortment of analysis libraries.

Project description

Analysis Libraries

python -m pip install bric-analysis-libraries

An assortment of analysis libraries.


There are five components of the libraries divided by experiemnt type. Each component has data prep modules to prepare the data from different softwares into a canonical form. The prepared data can then be anlayzed with the analysis modules.


To import the modules use the form

from bric_analysis_libraries[.<component>] import <module>
# or
import bric_analysis_libraries[.<component>].<module>

where <component> is the name of the component (if needed) and <module> is the name of the module. Any modules in the Standard Component do not require a component name, while modules in all other components do.


from bric_analysis_libraries import standard_functions as std
# or
import bric_analysis_libraries.standard_functions as std
from bric_analysis_libraries.jv import aging_analysis as aging
# or
import bric_analysis_libraries.jv.aging_analysis as aging

Standard Component

No component requried

Contains standard functions.

Standard Functions

Provides standard functions.


Provides plotting functionality and helper functions.

JV Component

Component name: jv

Contains data prep and analysis packages for JV experiments.

Aging Data Prep

Module name: aging_data_prep

Data prep from the a custom built stability lab for solar cell degradation.

Biologic Data Prep

Module name: biologic_data_prep

Data prep

EC Lab Analysis

Module name: ec_lab_analysis

Analysis of EC experiments

EC Lab Data Prep

Module name: ec_lab_data_prep

Data prep of experiments form EC Lab.

Igor JV Data Prep

Module name: igor_jv_data_prep

Data prep of JV experiments coming from the old IV setup.

JV Analysis

Module name: jv_analysis

Analysis of JV experiments.

JV Data Prep

Module name: jv_data_prep

Data prep for general JV data.

PL Component

Component name: pl

Contains data prep and analysis packages for PL experiments.

Andor Data Prep

Module name: andor_data_prep

Data prep for PL experiments from Andor Solis software.

Lifespec Data Prep

Module name: lifespec_data_prep

Data prep for Lifespec II TRPL instrument.

Ocean Optics Data Prep

Module name: ocean_optics_data_prep

Data prep for PL experiments from Ocean Optics.

PL Analysis

Module name: pl_analysis

Analysis of PL experiments.

PL Data Prep

Module name: pl_data_prep

Data prep for general PL experiments.

TRPL Analysis

Module name: trpl_analysis

Analysis for TRPL experiments.

Blackbody Analsysis

Module name: blackbody_analysis

Methods for analyzing blackbody characteristics of PL spectra.

SCAPS Component

Moved to the PySCAPS package.

Functions for analyzing SCAPS simulation results.


Module name: common

Common functions with low level functionality.


Module name: gnr

Formats general data into Pandas DataFrames.


Module name: iv

Formats IV data into Pandas DataFrames.

Energy Band

Module name: eb

Formats energy band data into Pandas DataFrames.

Generation and Recombination

Module name: gen

Formats generation and recombination and data into Pandas DataFrames.


Module name: model

For analyzing models.

Misc Component

Component name: misc

Contains other components.

Function Matcher

Module name: function_matcher

Creates a linear combination of basis functions to match a target function as close as possible.

QSoft Data Prep

Module name: qsoft_data_prep

Data prep for QSoft quartz crystal microbalance acquisition software.

QCM Analysis

Module name: qcm_analysis

Analysis of quartz crystal microbalance experiments.

Cary UV/Vis Absorption Spectrometer Data Prep

Component name: cary_absorption_data_prep

Data prep for absorption spectra from a Cary UV/Vis spectrometer.

XRD Data Prep

Component name: xrd_data_prep

Data prep for XRD spectra.

ARS Cryostat Data Prep

Component name: ars_cryostat_data_prep

Data prep for measurements taken using the ARS cryostat.

Utilities Component

Component name: utils


Component name: metadata

Function for extracting metadata from files.

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