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Control the browser behavior automaticly.

Project description


Control the browser behavior automaticly.


pip install browserctrl

Installed Commands and sub-commands

  • browserctrl
    • create-xlsx-template
    • run-xlsx-config


C:\Workspace\browserctrl>browserctrl --help
Usage: browserctrl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Browser automation toolset.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  create-xlsx-template  Create a new xlsx file with command define...
  run-xlsx-config       Run browser automation commands defined in...

C:\Workspace\browserctrl>browserctrl create-xlsx-template --help
Usage: browserctrl create-xlsx-template [OPTIONS] [OUTPUT]

  Create a new xlsx file with command define template.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

C:\Workspace\browserctrl>browserctrl run-xlsx-config --help
Usage: browserctrl run-xlsx-config [OPTIONS] CONFIG_XLSX_PATH

  Run browser automation commands defined in xlsx file.

  -l, --log TEXT              Log filename, default to browserctrl.log.
  -s, --sheet TEXT            Sheet name of config xlsx file. Default to the
                              active sheet.
  -v, --variables-sheet TEXT  Sheet name of variables xlsx file. Default to
                              the active sheet.
  -r, --repeat INTEGER        Repeat times to run. Default to 1 means run only
  -d, --delay INTEGER         Seconds delay before the next browser instance
                              starts. Default to 5 seconds.
  --help                      Show this message and exit.


  1. Create a new xlsx template.
browserctrl create-xlsx-template my-task.xlsx
  1. Edit my-task.xlsx, add commands.
  2. Run commands in my-task.xlsx.
browserctrl run-xlsx-config my-task.xlsx
  1. If there are variables used in my-task.xlsx, write variables in variables.xlsx, and pass the filename to run command.
browserctrl run-xlsx-config my-task.xlsx variables.xslx

Variables xlsx file format.

name1 name2 name3
value11 value12 value13
value21 value22 value23
  • The first line must be variable names.
  • Every line is a group of variable values at the second line and lines below.
  • Every line of variable values will create a browser instance.

Other information

  1. See more help information in xlsx template which can be created by the sub-command create-xlsx-template.
  2. You have to install phantomjs, webdriver for chrome, firefox and ie by yourself.


v0.2.1 2020/06/01

  • Add documents.

v0.2.0 2020/06/01

  • Use xlsx variables file instead of yml variables file.

v0.1.4 2020/05/30

  • Add --no-sandbox option for chrome so that we can start chrome under root user.
  • Fix third counter problem in wait_and_monitoring.
  • Auto close browser after the instance is destroyed.

v0.1.3 2020/05/30

  • Fix variables problem in wait_and_monitoring.
  • Update document.

v0.1.2 2020/05/29

  • Add headless chrome browser support.
  • Fix second counter problem in wait_and_monitoring.
  • Fix screenshot problem creating empty folder.
  • Fix Ie Browser zoom level not 100% problem.
  • Ignore lines without operation.

v0.1.1 2020/05/29

  • Add instance_start_delay parameter for run_xlsx_config.
  • Add StreamHandler() for logging.
  • Update interval status before sleep in wait_and_monitoring.
  • Fix counter screenshot filename problem in wait_and_monitoring.

v0.1.0 2020/05/29

  • First release.

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