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BSPump is a real-time stream processor for Python 3.5+

Project description

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  • Write once, use many times
  • Everything is a stream
  • Schema-less
  • Kappa architecture
  • Real-Time
  • High performance
  • Simple to use and well documented, so anyone can write their own stream processor
  • Asynchronous via Python 3.5+ async/await and asyncio
  • Event driven Architecture / Reactor pattern
  • Single-threaded core but compatible with threads
  • Compatible with pypy, Just-In-Time compiler capable of boosting Python code performace more then 5x times
  • Good citizen of the Python ecosystem
  • Modularized

Stream processor example

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import bspump
import bspump.socket
import bspump.common
import bspump.elasticsearch

class MyPipeline(bspump.Pipeline):
    def __init__(self, app):
            bspump.socket.TCPStreamSource(app, self),
            bspump.common.JSONParserProcessor(app, self),
            bspump.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchSink(app, self, "ESConnection")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = bspump.BSPumpApplication()
    svc = app.get_service("bspump.PumpService")
    svc.add_connection(bspump.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchConnection(app, "ESConnection"))

Video tutorial

Blank application setup

You can clone blank application from it’s own repository.

Available technologies

  • bspump.amqp AMQP/RabbitMQ connection, source and sink
  • bspump.avro Apache Avro file source and sink
  • bspump.common Common processors and parsers
  • bspump.elasticsearch ElasticSearch connection, source and sink
  • bspump.file File sources and sinks (plain files, JSON, CSV)
  • bspump.filter Content, Attribute and TimeDrift filters
  • bspump.http.client HTTP client source, WebSocket client sink
  • bspump.http.web HTTP server source and sink, WebSocket server source
  • bspump.influxdb InfluxDB connection and sink
  • bspump.kafka Kafka connection, source and sink
  • bspump.mail SMTP connection and sink
  • bspump.mongodb MongoDB connection and lookup
  • bspump.mysql MySQL connection, source and sink
  • bspump.parquet Apache Parquet file sink
  • bspump.postgresql PostgreSQL connection and sink
  • bspump.slack Slack connection and sink
  • bspump.socket TCP source, UDP source
  • bspump.trigger Opportunistic, PubSub and Periodic triggers
  • bspump.crypto Cryptography
    • Hashing: SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA1, MD5, BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s
    • Symmetric Encryption: AES 128, AES 192, AES 256
  • bspump.analyzer
    • Time Window analyzer
    • Session analyzer
    • Geographical analyzer
    • Time Drift analyzer
  • bspump.lookup
    • GeoIP Lookup
  • bspump.unittest
    • Interface for testing Processors / Pipelines
  • bspump.oob Out-of-band sink and engine
  • bspump.web Pump API endpoints for pipelines, lookups etc.

Google Sheet with technological compatiblity matrix:

High-level architecture

Schema of BSPump high-level achitecture

Unit test

from unittest.mock import MagicMock
from bspump.unittest import ProcessorTestCase

class MyProcessorTestCase(ProcessorTestCase):

    def test_my_processor(self):

        # setup processor for test

        # mock methods to suit your needs on pipeline ..
        self.Pipeline.method = MagicMock()

        # .. or instance of processor
        my_processor = self.Pipeline.locate_processor("MyProcessor")
        my_processor.method = MagicMock()

        output = self.execute(
            [(None, {'foo': 'bar'})]  # Context, event

        # assert output
            [event for context, event in output],
            [{'FOO': 'BAR'}]

        # asssert expected calls on `self.Pipeline.method` or `my_processor.method`

Running of unit tests

python3 -m unittest test

You can replace test with a location of your unit test module.


BSPump is an open-source software, available under BSD 3-Clause License.

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