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BTRFS Filesystem Maintenace Scripts.

Project description

This is a quick project based upon Marc MERLIN’s ` <>`__. Fedora 24 doesn’t have shlock in the INN package, and I decided to reimplement the script in Python.


pip install btrfsmaint


Single Drive

Run a quick maintenance without a scrub on /home.

btrfsmaint --no-scrub /home

Run quick maintanance on all BTRFS volumes currently mounted.

btrfsmaint --no-scrub -a

Run via crontab, all mounted BTRFS volumes with scrub.

0  0  *  *  * root       /usr/bin/btrfsmaint -a


  • Python 2.6+

  • Python 3.0+

  • PyPy 5+

Library Dependencies


  • Perhaps a mutex of some sort or locking like unto shlock

  • Make some default scripts - cron, systemd, etc.


├── btrfsmaint
│   └──    # btrfsmaint contents.
├──       # function test script.
├── LICENSE            # Apache2.0 License stub
├──        # distribute package manifest.
├──          # This File.
├── README.rst         # ReST-rendered version of the md.
├── requirements.txt   # pip requirements file.
├── script
│   ├──      # Publish -> README.rst (required pypandoc, pandoc)
│   └──     # Mutli-py version test script.
├── setup.cfg          # distribute packaging helper.
├──           # build script.
├── Copyright          # Copyright Statement
└── tests/             # Test output.

Project details

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Source Distribution

btrfsmaint-0.5.2.tar.gz (5.0 kB view hashes)

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