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Pipeline syntax for buildbot

Project description

Buildbot Pipeline is a missing piece to make Buildbot (an excellent CI framework) usable for mere mortals.

  • Define steps in VCS using YAML.

  • Scripted includes allow to use favorite language to define dynamic steps and bring more flexibility than build matrix.

  • Trigger filters. Automatic trigger if step file is changed.

  • Parallel steps.

  • Ability to skip already passed jobs for same commit (can be helpful to rerun flaky tests).

  • Fixed concurrency. You can run multiple builds of the same job on single worker.

  • Native support for JUnit (XUnit) XML reports.

  • Artifacts storage on leader node.

  • Artifacts and test reports are attached to step. You can easily find cause of failure in UI.

  • Gerrit integration:

    • Buildbot pipeline tracks all builds started from the same commit and sets Verify label based on all succeeded jobs.

    • You can rebuild one of failed jobs from buildset and Verify would be correctly updated.

    • Do not trigger build for WIP patches.


# buildbot/unit-tests.yaml

    - app/*
    - unit-tests/*

  - name: prepare
    shell-fail: pip install -r requirements.txt

  - name: test
    shell: python -m pytest --junitxml=junit.xml --cov-report html:htmlcov unit-tests
    junit: junit.xml
      label: coverage report
      src: htmlcov
      link: htmlcov/

Environment variables

  • BUILD_ID: id of a root job, it’s uniq accross a build job

  • WORKSPACE: path to a shared storage for a buid job. Can be used for caches, node_modules, virtual environments and so on.

  • BUILD_STATUS: status of a current build so far. Codes.

STDOUT markup

Buildbot pipeline supports special stdout markup to enrich builds with custom information.

  • __PIPELINE_LINK__ name url: adds a user provided link to a current step.

  • __PIPELINE_PROP__ name value: adds a user provided property to a current build. You can access property value in following steps.

  • __PIPELINE_SESSION_PROP__ name value: adds a user provided property to a current build and future rebuilds.

For example:

  - name: test
    shell: |
        echo __PIPELINE_LINK__ artifacts$build_id

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