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Dynamically generate Buildkite pipelines

Project description


A Buildkite plugin to dynamically generate pipelines. Especially useful for monorepos where you want to create dependencies between projects.


Update projects


  - label: ":buildkite:"
      - jwplayer/buildpipe#v0.8.0:
          dynamic_pipeline: dynamic_pipeline.yml


 - label: project1
   path: project1/  # changes in this dir will trigger steps for project1
   skip: deploy*  # skip steps with label matching deploy* (e.g. deploy-prd)
 - label: project2
   skip: test
      - project2/
      - project1  # you can trigger a project using multiple paths
 - label: project3
   skip:  # you can skip a list of projects
     - test
     - deploy-stg
   path: project3/somedir/  # subpaths can also be triggered
steps:  # the same schema as regular buildkite pipeline steps
  - label: test
      BUILDPIPE_SCOPE: project  # this variable ensures a test step is generated for each project
      - cd $$BUILDPIPE_PROJECT_PATH  # BUILDPIPE_PROJECT_PATH will be set by buildpipe
      - make test
  - wait
  - label: build
    branches: "master"
      BUILDPIPE_SCOPE: project
      - make build
      - make publish-image
      - queue=build
  - wait
  - label: tag
    branches: "master"
      - make tag-release
  - wait
  - label: deploy-stg
    branches: "master"
      BUILDPIPE_SCOPE: project
      - make deploy-staging
  - wait
  - block: ":rocket: Release!"
    branches: "master"
  - wait
  - label: deploy-prd
    branches: "master"
      BUILDPIPE_SCOPE: project
      - make deploy-prod

The above pipelines specify the following:

  • There are three projects to track in the repository.
  • The env variable BUILDPIPE_SCOPE: project tells buildpipe to generate a step for each project if that project changed.
  • The skip option will skip any step label matching deploy*.
  • The env variable BUILDPIPE_PROJECT_PATH is created by buildpipe as the project's path. If multiple paths are specified for a project, it's the first path.

Full working example

For a full working example, check out Buildkite Monorepo Example.



Option Required Type Default Description
default_branch No string master Default branch of repository
diff_pr No string Override command for non-default branch (see below for a better explanation of the defaults)
diff_default No string Override command for default branch (see below for a better explanation of the defaults)
dynamic_pipeline Yes string The name including the path to the pipeline that contains all the actual steps
log_level No string INFO The Level of logging to be used by the python script underneath; pass DEBUG for verbose logging if errors occur

Project schema

Option Required Type Default Description
label Yes string Project label
path Yes array The path(s) that specify changes to a project
skip No array Exclude steps that have labels that match the rule

Other useful things to note:

  • Option skip make use of Unix shell-style wildcards (Look at .gitignore files for inspiration)
  • If multiple paths are specified, the environment variable BUILDPIPE_PROJECT_PATH will be the first path.

diff_ commands

Depending on your merge strategy, you might need to use different diff command.

Buildpipe assumes you are using a merge strategy on the default branch, which is assumed to be master.

The command for the non-default branch (e.g. when you have a PR up) is:

git log --name-only --no-merges --pretty=format: origin..HEAD

The command for the default branch you merge to is currently:

git log -m -1 --name-only --pretty=format: $BUILDKITE_COMMIT


Python3 is currently required, but we are planning to convert buildpipe to a binary using Go.

Just make sure to install Python3 in your agent bootstrap script or Dockerfile.

Cloudformation bootstrap script

# Install python3
yum -y install python3 python3-pip
pip3 install -U setuptools wheel

Agent Dockerfile

FROM buildkite/agent:3.0

RUN apk add --no-cache \
  # Languages
  python3 py-setuptools


Buildpipe is incorrectly showing project as changed

Buildkite doesn't by default do clean checkouts. To enable clean checkouts set the BUILDKITE_CLEAN_CHECKOUT environment variable. An example is to modify the pre-checkout hook, .buildkite/hooks/pre-checkout:

set -euo pipefail

echo '--- :house_with_garden: Setting up pre-checkout'



make test




The rewrite to a plugin was inspired by git-diff-conditional-buildkite-plugin.

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